Margaret Tobin was born on July 18,1867in Hannibal Missouri to John and Johanna Tobin, where she lived for most of her life.When Maggie turned nineteen, her, and her brother Daniel moved to Leadville Colorado, a rugged mining town.This is where Maggie will meet James Joseph brown also known as "JJ".They courted for six months and married on September 11, 1886 Molly nineteen and JJ thirty one.

Molly and JJ lived in Leadville for the next seven years and lived a working class lifestyle that was very accustomed to.During that seven-year period, Molly had two children Lawrence Palmer Brown in 1887 and Catherine Ellen Brown in 1889.Molly traveled back to Hannibal to give birth to herfirst child so that her mother could be her mid wife for the delivery.By the time her second child was born, all of Molly's family had moved to Leadville. During this time, JJ became very successful in mining. He became part owner of a mine and Molly and JJ became millionaires.

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In 1894, Molly and her family moved to the "House of Lions" a mansion on Pennsylvania Street in the heart of Denver. While living in Denver Molly headed up many fundraising comities and did a great deal of charitable work.Molly became a charter member of the Denver women's press club.In 1899, Molly was appointed the president and head of the executive committee for the catholic bazaar for fund raising for the expansion of Saint Joseph's hospital.Molly also became very involved in the juvenile court system.

Molly was friends with Judge Ben Lindsay who headed thefirst juvenile court system.Molly took the proceeds from the Cripple Creek mining operation and donated them to the juvenile courts. Molly also became very involved in politics in the years that followed.

She was able to be more involved in the politics of Denver, which was one of thefirst states that allowed women to vote.Molly attended rallies to support…