By the Nineteen Century Before the arrival of the Spaniards, Equator was controlled for the empire of Inca.Pizarro of Francisco subordinate, Benalcázar, entered the area in 1533.Not to find the wealth from the The mythical Golden one, of him and of another conquistadors, notably Gonzalo Pizarro and Orellana, moved restlessly in and the region became a backwater colonial.

It given a hearing in 1563 and established diplomatically as the presidency of I Remove, was in several time Peru with subjection to and to Granada New.After a movement abortivo of the independence in 1809, the region remained under the control of the Spaniard.It was freed for Antonio José of Sucre in the battle of Pichincha (1822) and was united by Simón Bolivar Colombia larger.With the dissolution of that union in 1830, Equator, geographically isolated, a state became separated (four time its so great present) under a constitution promulgada by itsfirst president, Juan José Flowers.

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Equator tried fail to include prov of Popayán. of Colombia by the war in 1832 and occupied the Islands of Galápagos that year.The border disputes directed to frequent the invasions by Peruvian in the 19 and twentieth cent.The entire oriental border, acquaintance as East, was in debate.(In 1942, Equator signed a treaty that yields a large area to Peru, but in 1960 resigned the treaty.

)The bitter mutually destructive fights among Conservatives and liberal they marked the political history of Equator in the cent decimonoveno.The Conservatives, directed by Flowers and Garcia Dark-haired (1821-75), maintained the privileges atrincherados and the domination of the Catholic Church Roman; the liberals, directed by Rocafuerte (1783-1847) and Alfaro (1867-1912) and by championed by the writer Montalvo (1832-89), the social reforms sought. The Twentieth Century there has been a disconcerting number of changes in the government dur…