The history of the Jewish people is the story of their attempts, mostly unsuccessful, to live up to the high standards of the deceptively simple statements of the Shema.The beginning of the Hebrew prayer, known as the Shema, goes on to say that Adonai, God, is to be revered and worshiped with everything that humans posses. In other words, with their hearts, their souls, and all their other resources.Adonai is said to be thought of and talked about in everything you do each day, and those who do this will find their lives greatly blessed.

This is the essence of Judaism. Judaism is an ancient faith, and it traces its roots back to the oldest known civilization of the world, Sumer, in a region known as Mesopotamia.Abraham, who was born sometime around 2000 B.C. created a mass legacy concerning Judaism.

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He set in motion a fundamental and lasting shift in religious beliefs that would lead to the development of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.Abraham, according to the Bible, had a vision that he was to embark on a journey for a destination that would be made known to him later, and that as a result of taking this trip on faith alone, he was going to father a "Great Nation".Abraham believed that this vision came from the one and only true God, Adonai.Adonai required more than just alter and sacrifices, he also demanded that the people avoid robbery, murder, adultery, and other forms of harm.Abraham believed that people should follow a code of morality simply because it was the right thing to do, and such righteousness was at the core of Adonai's will for his creation.

Abraham believed that faith could not be separated from good behavior.Where the Jews lived, Judea, it had no Civil Rights and offenders were murdered and often killed publicly.In the mist of all this oppression, the Jews were searching for a redeemer.They had visions that there would come a time when all would be set right and they would..