An Investigation into the Historical Development of Amsterdam. This project focuses upon the development of Amsterdam between the years 1200 and 1800 AD.

The city of Amsterdam is of great importance to the Netherlands, as it is the country‘s nominal capital (the political centre is Den Haag). Alongside being the most carefully constructed Dutch city, Amsterdam attracts the highest number of foreign visitors to the Netherlands. The city itself stands upon the confluence of the rivers Amstel and Ijsselmeer, at the heart of the Randstad .

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As Amsterdam was one of thefirst medieval cities to be established in the Netherlands, it has a long and interesting past. It has a present-day reputation for as a multicultural, tolerant, and prosperous area; naturally, this has arrived as a result of its history. The aim of the project is to produce a comprehensive, chronologically organised discussion of Amsterdam‘s development. This will involve looking at the early establishment of a small fishing village upon the marshy riverbanks (c. 1200). The religious and dynastic conflicts that shaped much of the Low Countries‘ medieval development will be discussed.

This will precede an account of Amsterdam‘s metamorphosisinto a major European market and global centre, particularly during the Golden Age of the 17th century. The consolidation of Amsterdam‘s wealth during a nationwide recession, followed by the city‘s decline (1672 – 1813), will be considered. A secondary consideration will be the ways in which Amsterdam‘s political and economic position influenced the Republic as a whole, and vice versa. The city‘s financial climate will continually be compared with the Republic‘s wealth; I expect to find some interesting differences between the two. Social and cultural aspects, which 00obviously play an important role in any city‘s development, will be addressed when relevant. T..