The Han Dynasty was one of China's most persevering dynasties of all.During the four centuries that the Han Dynasty remained unified, they brought forth several major cultural and scientific achievements to China.

Of these achievements were the establishment of the "Silk Road," the creation of an "exemplary woman," and the recording of Chinese history.One of the most well known achievements of the Han Dynasty was the establishment of the "Silk Road," a road system that made it possible for a person to go from Beijing to Guangzhan on foot in 56 days, and in 32 on horseback.This route was most often used to transport silk and other goods.

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This system of roads is one of the world's oldest and most historically important trade routes.The Silk Road was also used for more than just the transport of goods.It was also a means for bringing religion, Buddhism is particular, to the different regions of China.This road system was a means of travel, communication, and trade.One of the most important cultural inventions of the Han period was the creation of a Confucian female ideal.This notion of the exemplary woman was a major contribution to Confucian thought.

There were specific guidelines governing the way a woman should speak, wear, behave, etc.For example, the ideal woman must be modest in her dress and must bath regularly.She must be obedient and must be a good hostess.Women were required to maintain this image of the obedient self-sacrificing woman.

These guidelines did not leave room for the women to have their own individual characteristics.Another achievement of the Han Dynasty was the writing that became the comprehensive history of China.These historical writings were called the Historical Records.These writings begin with the Xia Dynasty and conclude with the Han Dynasty.

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