The age of revolution was proved to provide difficulties in the face of both American colonists and the British; American colonists however, were on the lower hand. Britain had a professional and very well organized military establishment, a naval superiority that gave them the ability to move troops and supplies at will, and a fifth column in the colonies as some were determined to stay loyal to the king. In the eyes of many, Americans on paper were not to have won the revolutionary war, but a change in patriots hearts came with the support of two countries; France and Spain.While Benjamin Franklin was in France, two major treaties were signed on February 6, 1778. The first treaty, the Treaty of Amity and Commerce, recognized that the United States was an independent nation that promoted trade between France and America.

The second treaty, Treaty of Alliance, made the United States and France allies against Great Britain in the revolutionary war. This treaty is often seen from the French side as motivated by the rivalry with Britain due to the territorial loss during the French and Indian War. France was to back the United States in its military efforts until full independence was gained from Great Britain. This alliance arguably turned the tables entirely of the American Revolution as France had so much to offer to the colonies. During the Revolution, France sent around 12,000 soldiers and 32,000 sailors to America.

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In addition to soldiers, France offered supplies such as muskets, uniforms, gunpowder, and money. Furthermore, the United States also indirectly gained the support of another country, Spain. Spain did not directly ally with the United States, but rather declared war on Britain as an ally of France; similar to France, Spain was also motivated by the losses of war. Spain provided supplies to the American colonies through four main routes: French ports, port of New Orleans, from the warehouses in Havana, and from Bilbao.

It is important to note that America was not completely helpless without the support of the French and Spanish, but on the same token, credit needs to be given where it is due. The incredible amount of support from these two countries is extremely historically significant because for many factors,  it is possible to argue that the American colonists would not have won the Revolution without it. With this argument in place, it also triggers the question of what the United States of America would have been if it had lost the Revolution; in any case probably resulting in us not having independence or freedom.