The main aim of the research is To study the recent trends in HRM To study how HRM is dealing with the changing world.

To study the changing trends with respect to: Determining how many employees with specific knowledge and skills are needed (human resource planning)Attracting potential employees (recruiting)Choosing employees (selection)Rewarding employees (compensation)Creating a positive work environment (employee relations). In order to perform well, an organization has to make sure all of these practices are managed effectively. An effective HRM enables the employees and customers to be satisfied, innovative, productive and create a reputation in the market. (Raymond A. Noe, 2011) (IJRAOB- An Online International Research Journal (ISSN: 2311-3197) 2016 Vol: 1 Issue: 1)Human resource management (HRM) is a process of bringing people and organizations together so that the goals of each are met. It is a function designed to maximize employee performance keeping in mind the strategic objectives Human Resource Management has evolved considerably over the past century, and experienced a major transformation in the past two decades.

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 The role of HRM has been evolving dramatically in recent times. Hence HRM must be prepared to deal with effects of changing world of work. For the HR people it means understanding the implications of globalization, changing skill requirements and employee involvement for which they have the financial implication to organization. RESEARCH QUESTIONS:What are the new trends in HRM and how is it being used?How will these trends help the HRM with the changing world?OBJECTIVES:To know the recent trends with respect to various functions used in HRMHow the application of these trends will help the HRM in the changing world.Result of globalization on HRM trendsEffect of implementing the new trends into the HRM activities.Challenges faced by the HRM and HR Manager adapting to new trends as well as changing world.