Kris wheeled to class on her first day at the new school. She noticed people staring at her, but that wasnt strange to her. Kris knew it would be hard to make new friends because of her disability, but she would try her best.

The first four hours of school flew by. Kris didnt say too much except her name and her hometown during the morning classes. At lunch she wheeled over to a table and sat by herself for a few minutes.

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Eventually three girls that she recognized from her social classes came to sit by her. The girls stated to ask her various questions about her previous school and activities she participated in. Mary, the boldest of the group, finally asked her how she became handicapped. Kris told the girls the dreaded story she must have repeated a hundred times. It was about the crash.It was a Saturday morning that started as any other. Kris rolled out of bed and stumbled down the stairs to watch television. After watching a cartoon, her mother told her to run upstairs and get dressed.

She wanted Kris to go to the convince store on the corner of the street to get milk and eggs. Kris ran upstairs, threw some clothes on, and ran through the house to the garage. She hopped on her bicycle and peddled up to the store. She trotted into the store to get the groceries.

She grabbed a gallon of milk and a dozen eggs. Kris proceeded to the register and paid for the groceries. She trotted out the door just as she trotted in.Kris hopped on her bike and peddled down the block.

As she crossed the first intersection, an old, rusted-out car struck her bicycle sending her flying through the air. The old jalopy sped off without even stopping. When Kris woke up, she was in a hospital and couldnt feel her legs. Her first thought was that they were gone; she glanced down and they were still there.

The doctor rushed into the room as soon as Kris came to. The doctor told her that she fractured her back and wouldnt walk again.Kris looked up at the girls across the table. They looked at her in disbelief; they couldnt believe her unfortunate story. They said they were sorry, but she had heard that phrase a thousand times. By the end of the school day, she knew that she had three new friends.

She guessed that they liked her out of sympathy, but it was better than no friends at all.Bibliography: