The Cost Of Buying A Used CarThis project has been put together to show the cost of buying and usinga used car for one year. To show the different costs for cars I have made achart on a later page.

First, though, It probably would be good to tell alittle about used cars.Used cars are, for some, a good investment. The used car is good forcheap transportation, and fun. Used cars also have many different uses besidesjust driving around. Some people buy used cars so they can restore them, whileother people buy used cars for their children to drive.

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While still others getused cars for spare parts. The point is that used cars are good for manydifferent people, for many different reasons.Some people like to own new cars and so they get rid of their old carsto make room for the new car. This proves very useful for the person thatcannot afford a new car.

Unfortunately, the used car is rarely in perfectcondition, and can sometimes require some minor repair. Of course, one can’texpect to find a great used car that does not cost more then a car in worsecondition, but this is to be expected.When one goes to buy a used car they should look for some key things,before buying the car:1. Check the car’s interior thoroughly. Was the car kept clean all thistime or was it neglected? Is it up to what would be par?2. Get an unbiased mechanic to look at the engine and look over theentire car. Do they think that it is in good driving condition? Do you think itis in good driving condition?3.

Look at the car’s paint job. Is it what you would want? are thereany rust spots, dings, or scratches?4. Finally one must ask themself if the total car is what they wanted.If there is any doubt then they might want to rethink whether they really wantthis car.The chart below is a comparison of five cars each with a different setof options, price, and look.MakePriceOptions 1986 Ford Taurus Wagon$ 3,500AC, AM/FM Cassette, PS 1969 VW Bug $ 2,000Convertible, AM/FM Stereo, Dual Exhaust 1965 Pontiac GTO$ 8,500Convertible, 4speed, PB,PS,New Top 1979 Mercedes-benz450slc $11,000Garaged,51,000 mi. sunroof, AC, V8 1975 Ford Maverick$700New Valve job,3-speed Manual, Steel WheelsAm-Fm CassetteAs one can see from the chart above you cannot always judge a car fromit’s price. Now it is time to calculate the price of using the car for one yearusing set values for gas and insurance.

The average gas consumption for these cars should be about three tanksof gas every two weeks. At 52 weeks a year we get 78 tanks of gas a year. Thenwe need to multiply by the amount it costs for a tank of gas. In our case thatgas is about $13.00 a tank. That comes to about $1014 dollars a year on gas.

Then we add about thirty dollars more for oil changes. Our total comesto about $ 1044 dollars. Now that the gas has been figured we add that to theprice of the five cars.+ $1044Ford Wagon:$ 4544VW Bug:$ 3044Pontiac GTO:$ 9544Mercedes-Benz:$12,044Ford Maverick:$ 1744Next we add our average teenage driving insurance to the cost.

+ $1600Ford Wagon:$ 6144VW Bug:$ 4644Pontiac GTO:$11,144Mercedes-Benz:$13,644Ford Maverick:$ 3344One can see the price of buying and using any car for one year is fairlyexpensive, although these figures would vary from person to person.The purchase of a good used car would greatly benefit someone that needsa car. The used car is inexpensive and is a good deal for the buyer and sellerof the car. if a person wants a used car, and looks for the best deal, then theycan certainly find one.Business