The government is very powerful as much as the president, how much power should the government have you may ask? Without power in the government there would be a government because there has to be power to have a united country.

Enough power to show who runs the country, sign treaties, regulate businesses, etc.Powerful new dynasties emerged during the age of absolutism, between 1500-1800 ruler had total power, embraced the idea of divine right to justify their power. Divine right was that their authority to rule came directly from god, the monarchs believed absolute power was necessary to protect the people. The power of absolute monarch by 1700 it was reigned over most of great powers in Europe, they called instead limits on government power and for governments to be responsible for the government.Absolute monarch is an example of the total loss power of a government, in which a ruler has complete authority over the government and people he/she governs.

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Monarchs presided over government bureaucracies that enforced the law and collected taxes, it was a chief characteristic of an political system. Absolute monarchs had parliaments or bodies, but the bodies had no real power, the ruler could dissolve them at will.During 1571 Philip II becomes an absolute monarch claiming divine right, served as church, residence, and tomb for royal family.

Philip enforced religious unity turning inquisition against protestants and others thoughts to be heretics. He fought many wars to advance spanish catholic power. Protestants in region resisted Philips efforts to crush their faith Protestants and catholics alike opposed high taxes, autocratic spanish rule, local traditions of self government threatened. Philip battled protestants region included 17 provinces today are called Belgium, Netherlands, and luxembourg.Overall government has to be powerful in some way but has to have more power than any other citizens, absolutism taught how to control the government throughout history, changed in many ways but it did have many downfalls but overcame all to the government we have now.