The article starts off with describing howlife in the surgical world was in the earlier times, Burch shows us differentpoint of views of people who engaged in that type or work. Astley Cooper wasfamous for his anatomical and surgical advances which made him renownedworldwide. Before he reached that height in his career, Cooper broke some lawswhere he would have dug up graves to study the anatomy of bodies.

Cooper askedfor the deceased, the traumatized and the mutilated. His research on thebreasts dissection depended mostly on gathering information from dead specimensso he could take them part and study. He was probably one of the only personwho recognized anatomy in a new way, he saw the strengths and weaknesses ofapproaches to it.

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He explored to his heart’s content whether his ideas had anyclinical power. Burch explains how cooper risked himself daily in order toexamine the bodies and the slightest slip and the smallest wound and infectionscommonly turned anatomists into cadavers.