a. Internal Sources of Recruitment in Pharmaceutical Market in India:

There are various advantages in internal promotions from one hierarchical level to other like, chances of getting a reliable, experienced and well acquainted person with company’s internal atmosphere and automatically it lowers the cost of recruitment from other sources. This internal source is found to be an effective tool in team motivation, lowering rate of labor turnover and minimizing training cost.

b. External Sources of Recruitment in Pharmaceutical Market in India.:

This is the most popular and effective technique in recruitment process as internal source is always not found ready as per job specification at time of expansion or in need. Some of the best-suited suggestive external in pharmaceutical marketing in India is discussed as under: 1. A recommendation from present employee a potential and well qualified person that meets company expectation.

2. Walk in interview at a specified date, time and place is a ready rockner technique in recruitment process. 3. Call unsolicited application is effective at some level in the process of recruitment in pharmaceutical industry. 4. Advertising in well-reputed newspaper magazine to call qualified and experienced person for recruitment is a most common technique used in field.

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5. Taking campus interview from selective top notch pharmacy colleges, management schools etc. are having its own advantages for getting fresh and talented candidates as per job specification. 6. A former employee because of personal reason left the organization bur having a good track record may also take back on employment.

7. Certainly there are inter media services available like job consultancy. Some specific job website like jobstreet.com, career.com, naukri.com, etc. are also a good sources of job recruitment.

8. Beside this there are other sources of recruitment in pharmaceutical marketing that are sometime useful and very rarely used in practical are through employment exchange, professional bodies, private agencies, trade union etc.