Avis homework What happens to me when I break a commandment is very different than what I think should happen to me. When I break a commandment for example disrespecting my parents my punishment in the short term is something simple like being grounded.

I think these types of punishments dont do much. They dont help to prevent it from happening again. I do believe however that there are punishments in the future that you cannot foresee. These punishments can be something like your parents not trusting you as much or things like; how what you did affected your character. There is also another type of rule that you can break, murder.

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If I killed someone I would be sent to jail, maybe for life or executed. These are the things I think should happen when I break a commandment. When I disrespect my parents, I think that the actions that are taken against me should have to do more directly with the rule I broke. Instead of not letting me use something (which was little to do with what I did usually), they should respect me as a less mature person. What I think should happen if I killed someone is very different from what happens today. Essentially, I am strongly against keeping people locked up for long periods of time. I think three things should happen.

o They should undergo intensive therapy and reenter society once they are mentally stable. o They should be shot. o They should be sent to France or banished to another nation that is filled with obnoxious people, whose economic and social problems are not to our concern (can be humorous at times) cause all of the people are dirty frogs. I do not believe in wasting everybodys money by locking people up for a long time.

I dont think it is worth keeping people in jail rotting away. When they finally come out they will probable be angry and wanting to do bad things again.I feel like a lot of things must change in what happens when people break rules. Believe that only the people who broke the rules should have to pay for what they did.