Do you think teens know what they are doing when they commit a crime? Do you think teens understand the danger they are causing to the people and themselves? The answer depends on how the person deals with problems, how their past was and their environment in which they lived in.

Teen Violence is very common in this nation and people dont know how to deal with it. I think teens commit these crimes out of anger, jealousy, or they do it to fit in. Kids need to probably murder or steal to be accepted into a gang. Teens who live in an aggressive, destructive, hostile, brutal and cruel home often follow the footsteps of another who acts in that manner. Any many kids murder other people out of jealousy too. If a girl or a boy sees another person with something beautiful or they see something they want, out of spite and jealousy they would wind up killing the person.

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As a result of this violence teens either go to jail, Juvenal Hall, or boot camp. I think these teens need help. They need someone to talk to. Counseling in my opinion is the best thing for them.

Instead of being in jail with other criminals who encourage them to do greater violence, and brain wash their minds with filth from the streets.Counseling helps with the childes inner emotions. Thats what counts right! So to conclude, Teen Violence needs to be reduced by the adults who can help and care for every teen.Words/ Pages : 308 / 24