1. A place on north campus where I feel a particular discomfort in an exterior environment would be on the green field between the UB Commons and Clemens Hall. Different environmental, physical, and psychological parameters give me this feeling of discomfort.

A.Radiation- open field, no shelter, thus allowing sun to directly hit the field.B.Conduction- from the ground absorbing heat from the suns light rays, during the day the ground feels warmer than the actual surrounding air temperature.C.

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Convection- due to the winds westerly direction there is only a slight breeze felt on the field which cools your body but not sufficient enough to make you comfortable.Macro Temperature- 70 F degrees, 21 C degreesMicro Temperature- 75 F degrees, 24 C degreesRH- 65%MRT- 75 degreesWind- WSW 2 mphActivity- Sitting downClothing- Shorts t-shirt and sandalsNoise- Minimal noiseColors- Green/yellow grass, red and gray bricks, white faade on surrounding buildingsOdor- Rotting trash from the commons dumpster, and a mucky smell from Lake Lasalle2. Site- Relatively flat with hill going up towards Clemens Hall,Climate conditions- related to our condition- hot, sunny, little or no wind present.Assets-If it was windy, and you could go there to block out some of the wind-If it is cold and sunny, you could go onto the field and absorb the radiant energy from the sun to warm upLiabilities-If it is hot out, it will be much hotter on the field, and there would also be an increase in the smell from the dumpsters.-If not prepared, one could get sun burnt badly.

3. Modifying the EnvironmentOn the Bioclimatic chart under the conditions presented we would be below the comfort level because of the sun being out, and the lack of a full wind. Environmental changes that we could make to fit within the limits of the comfort zone according to the Bioclimatic chart would be:Words/ Pages : 307 / 24