Student loans one of the hardest things to pay off. These monsters of school try to take every penny you earn and put it into college so that you can get some pay off.

Even though this has implanted itself into college students lives, there is still a way to combat this. First we need to know how much you can pay for college with a part time job. Second we need to figure out what is the least expensive college, and finally we need to know how much money you can get from scholarships. So put on those thinking caps because I think I have this figured out.First we need to see how much we can pay for with a part time job without failing school. On average based off of the article “Three Lessons to Teach Mom and Dad About Paying for College” It states that in 2013 the amount of a full tuition for a state public school is about 991 hours of a full time minimum wage job. That is a lot and I mean a lot.

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you would have to be able to go to work for about 124 days during a 7 day work week which would amount to about 18 weeks of work. This schedule would be theoretical but the problem you would face to that you still have to pay for food gas and necessity to life. The only way you could do this is by living with your parents who have the money to pay for all of your needs while you go to work at a MC Donald’s for 8 hours a day and attending classes that you hope you will not fail because of the amount of time you need to study. This is a very unrealistic thing when you think about it but you could do it if you take your weekends to do your job for 16 hours. Then you could take Tuesday and Thursday and devote yourself to school. But that is a stretch so you should just pay for student loans which may be more expensive but in the long run give you a better chance of passing then the math that I just came up with and if you save before you start college you will have a bigger advantage over those monsters who run student loans.

Next we need to realize that if you want to pay off student loans quickly without having it hang over your head for the rest of your adult life you can go to a different college. College choice is everything to paying off student loans. Lets say for example you go to Harvard for your bachelor degree you will have bigger loans to pay off then someone who had a bachelor degree from the school Florida University.

This is just math because based off of the article ” Paying for College”  if you go to a public university it is around 8709 dollars and for a private university it is about 31381 dollars and that is for a decent private university. That is 3 times the amount you can spend from a private university which is very poor in our case because we just want to finish college. This means that if you want your assosites and bachelor’s degree from a private school you would have to pay for 12 times the amout to get that bachelor’s from Harvard.

 Sure you may want that diploma printed out by Harvard but it is a whole lot better to get that paper from Florida University because of the price. Overall this all depends on you if you want to pay more for the same thing from a different person.Finally to finish it all to get those student loans down you can apply for a scholarship. Scholarships can either make or break if you can pay those loans fast. if you get a Scholarship you can have someone else pay for what you need. This can be for anything all classes, an apartment to live in free food or just free food.

Which this can seem silly at first saying that someone will pay for your food but it happens, there are a lot of people who don’t want to have insant ramen all of there college life. Some of the scholarships that you can get are really great for you. Based off of the article “How to Pay for College” it state that there are programs you can join so that you can get free money for example This site only requires participation to be eligible to get free money.

Now some of the scholarships give you money for a school that you do not want. That is ok though becasue you are trying to get those loans paid off and they are willing to give you a full ride then you are set. All you have to do is kiss your family goodbye for 6 years becasue you said you got a full ride to the University of Oklahoma and be on your way to becoming whatever you want to be without student loans over your head forever.Over all I think I covered all the ways you can get out of student loans you can do the imposible like having a full time minimum wage job. The average thing most people do which is to go to a in state public college, and lastly the pure luck and skill of getting a full ride scholarship into a school with good grades and hoping Harvard finds you.

And if harvard is so important to you then why would not strive every day to be the best you can be so that they know you exist and are valuble to them?