Statistics have proven that healthy foods have gotten way too overpriced for every family to afford the servings they need. Carla Williams from Greenhaven press says that “the price of fruits and vegetables are getting too high for low-income families”(Williams).Healthy foods should be cheaper because everyone needs to eat them so they can stay healthy and if you don’t get the right amount of servings a day because fruits and veggies are so overpriced it could cause you to turn to fast food where you would keep choosing fast food and become obese.Healthy foods should be affordable for all people so everyone stays healthy. A lot of families can’t afford the highly overpriced fruits and veggies and not just those but other healthy foods as well from the article “about the buzz” the author states that “in 2008, the prices of healthy foods alone have increased over 6%.” After reading the last sentence you can clearly see from statistics that healthy foods are overpriced. This just proves a part of my point about healthy foods being expensive because there is a lot more to talk about. There are a few reasons why healthy foods are so expensive Rich Donsky has stated that “supply and demand is the main reason”(Donsky).

As Rich Donsky said supply and demand a lot of producers of healthy foods don’t care if families can afford to buy the product or not they just want their money. Even if the did care it probably still wouldn’t matter because they are not the ones coming up with the prices. Basically healthy foods are overpriced hands down and the prices need to be changed because if it isn’t changed then people will keep eating fast food and that is all unhealthy food.

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You need up to 8 servings of fruits and veggies a day and if they are overpriced then every family cant get the servings they need because they cant afford it. This causes them to turn to fast food because it is cheaper because they need to feed their families. Buying healthy foods drains families budgets as the ABC news medical unit explains that “American families have spent around 15-18% of their budgets on healthy foods. If people have to choose between cheap food so their family isn’t hungry and they are still staying on budget, Instead of buying expensive healthy fruits and veggies and be trying to pull money together they are going to choose the cheap fast food just because it makes more sense to buy because you still need gas so you can get to work and make money to buy the food in the first place.

Since the healthier foods are so expensive on the website “” the author states “choosing the more expensive healthy foods is a lot harder than choosing the cheap unhealthy foods.” That’s basically saying that healthy choices are harder to make because they are more expensive. This explains why I said that people tend to get cheap fast food instead of healthy foods because most families cant afford to buy healthy foods. If healthy foods weren’t so expensive then a lot more families would choose the healthy stuff over the unhealthy but that’s not all of the points I’m trying to make the rest is that if healthy foods weren’t so expensive maybe most of this country wouldn’t be overweight.Of course, there will be people who disagree with me but that’s because everyone is entitled to their own opinion and everyone sees things differently and that’s okay because they might think that healthy foods being overpriced is no excuse for eating unhealthy foods. They might think that fast food is more expensive.

Most others might think that there is a balance between expensive healthy foods and cheap junk food. Andrea Carlson from the USDA thinks that ” you can see expensive and inexpensive healthy foods just as you can see expensive and inexpensive junk foods”(Carlson). Andrea Carlson isn’t wrong there are cheap and expensive healthy and junk foods. The fact of the matter is that the healthiest stuff is the most expensive and that’s what families need the most especially if someone is dieting.

In conclusion, healthy foods should be cheaper because everyone needs a certain amount of servings a day, and since healthy foods are so expensive families turn to junk food which causes obesity.