introduce myself as Koppolu Rohit, aged 23 from India with
very clear vision and big aims. I am a very hard worker and sincere and have
deep-rooted desire to excel in life. Having proved myself in Bachelor’s
program from Nalla Narasimha Reddy engineering college, Narapally,
Chowdariguda, Telangana  accredited by Jawaharlal Nehru Technological
University, Hyderabad. I look forward to further improve my knowledge and
skills in information technology and allied fields, and for this, I think a
Masters program will be an ideal step. I intend to pursue my Master’s
degree at Central Queensland University, which I believe will give a
direction to my goal of a successful and challenging career as IT professional
at a premier institute replete with excellent research facilities and academic

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parents are supporting me for my further education and living in Australia.
My father name is Koppolu Srinivas Rao, he is an employee at GBH
International contracting LLC working as a Document Controller in
Dubai, UAE, My mother name is Koppolu Leela Rani, she is having
a business of garments sales at house itself and I
have sibling younger sister Koppolu Rohitha, and she is
pursuing Bachelor of Physiotherapy final year at Durgabai Deshmukh college of
physiotherapy, Hyderabad. My parents are very supportive and always
encourage me & participate along with me in decision making and help me.
When I express my interest to study further they gladly accepted my proposal
and encouraged me to step further. 


academics make it evident that Computer Science has been constant interest ever
since I enrolled myself for my undergraduate program, though it was with
specialization of electronics & communication engineering, there were
modules of IT which I was trained on and electronics & communication labs,
the course is integrated with IT. The basic knowledge which I have gained from
my bachelor degree related to IT are  Computer programming, Data structures,
operating systems, computer organization, Computer Networks and related
labs. If my academics are noticed, no deviations can be observed. I have
pursued my education so far in Electronics &
communication integrated with computer science integrated,
in which Computers & their applications interest me, the most. Quenched in
the untiring pursuit of more and more advanced knowledge in the field of
Computers, here I am applying for Master of Information Technology. I feel so
because proficiency in Computer Science is only the remaining thing that has
been left out on my journey with areas of study so far. To be contented with
the pride of indulging totally in Computers, this stands out as the obvious
choice for me now. 

to my academics, I finished my 10th grade in March
2010 with a respectful aggregate of 66.16% in Dilsukhnagar public
school at RK puram To maintain a much-needed diversity clubbed along with
passion and interest, I opted Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry as my majors
in my Intermediate education and subsequently passed out of it with a
total of 75% in the year March 2012 in the Narayana jr college
at RK puram I was Curious to know how to program, I developed a serious
interest in Computers Here from my next step, I realized that my interest is in
Electronics and Communication Engineering and willingly enrolled myself for
Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in the year 2012. I have been highly
successful in securing a groundbreaking aggregate of 66.66% in May 2016
at Nalla Narasimha Reddy engineering college, Narapally, Chowdariguda,
Telangana, Hyderabad and received my graduation certificates in July 2016,
I maintained highly fulfilling academics and I also have been extremely active
in co-curricular and extracurricular activities all through my Studies. I
believe in hard work and never give up even in the hard times.

successful completion of my under graduation studies, even though early in my
undergraduate study I was introduced to basic programming languages of C, C++,
subjects like the computer network, computer organization and labs
made me gain knowledge on Networking.

have undergone seminars and training provided by my collage and also few
workshops conducted by JNTU, after completion of under graduation I started
doing Networking courses in Zoom technologies at Dilsukhnagar,
Hyderabad were I got trained on CCNA-V3.0, MCSE-Windows server 2012, basic
Linux administration skills from 30th  July 
2016 to 14th September 2016, I also completed diploma
course in Java Programming language in Besoft
technologies at Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad from 3rd October
2016 to 1st February 2017 in which I secured B grade then
I started searching for jobs related to my field of interest which is in IT.
After completion of the courses, I revised my knowledge and also through online
I have gained few skills and applied for a job through job portals, ads, and
finally my job search was successful and got placed in Genpact, Uppal
branch, and Hyderabad. 


I was
placed in Genpact, at Uppal branch, in Hyderabad as a process
associate my job duration was from 7th March 2017 to
3rd November 2017. Though I joined as a process associate
it was a technical support Job role for GoDaddy clients with the
ability to learn  and dedication I got best performer
appreciation, best trainee of the batch and I left the job because
the best way to improve skills is to restart my education which will add
benefit to my career growth, idea of starting professional career as a
technical support will take a long time to promote into higher position in
technical side with the help of my seniors and my collogues advice in the
organization with their experiences I finally decide to do my master’s to get
better opportunity. 


Handling inbound
calls were we do sales and technical support for Godaddy
clients and providing the partial support through emails.

Consulting the customer on
their business needs for both present and future needs then
we recommend the relevant products like domains, types of hosting platforms,
email services, SSL certificates,  site lock, and etc.

Helping the customer to set up
the products and fix issues related to the Godaddy
products sometimes network level issues.

Meeting the monthly
targets as assigned. 


have so many options to choose from like the USA, UK, Canada and New Zealand
and yet I have chosen to study in Australia for some following reasons are:

·       There is huge Asian and Indian population and hence it is a kind
of home away from home and hence students feel at home studying in Australia. Very
safe country for international students to pursue qualification.

·       They have an act called ESOS – Education Services for Overseas
Students does ensure the safety of all international students studying across

·       Australian Universities are world recognized and qualification
is globally famous.        Students are offered culturally diverse classrooms and a vibrant
student community which adds to their perspective and challenge their thinking.

·       Largely English speaking country which helps to learn Subjects
in-depth without any confusion.

·       Not the least, Australia is chosen by many students for
Information Technology programs and there are few companies in Australia that
have their operations in India. And, as such Australian qualification would
give me an edge over others in the ever opportunistic in the Indian market.

·       Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane are a world-famous student
living cities for international students I have chosen Brisbane as my first
choice as it as more sunny days which will similar to Indian climatic

·        An
opportunity to see the world and meet diverse people. An opportunity to develop
better communication skills. Not the least an opportunity to get better at
managing a lot of things and of course on one’s own. 


I do
not want to further pursue my education in India since employers are looking at
people who are productive from day one, who could seamlessly integrate with
culturally diverse teams, who are pro-active and good English communication
skills and high-end technical skills and I am not sure all of them would not be
leveraged in India. To be honest, the qualifications are not applied and the
imbalances between what is being taught in the college/university and what is
the expected off by the employers are increasing and hence qualification holds
no relevance to the industry. In addition to qualifications being applied and
bearing relevance to industry, overseas qualifications help students in terms
of many opportunities for the students to grow both on personal and
professional fronts and being a global environment for some time helps one to
become global citizens.




I decided to study further to improve my skills and improvement of career
opportunities, I have done sufficient research on educational providers in
Australia which is offering my choice of interest like Central Queensland
University, University of Southern Queensland, Charles Sturt University, James
cook university, southern cross-university, but the factors such as quality of
education, high graduate employability, industrial ties, experienced faculty,
and internship made me finalize with Central Queensland University. 

is one of the best universities that have high student placement rate and the
relationship with industries provides industrial exposure to the students. This
program helps me to achieve my goals and I hope to extend my vision and improve
my English proficiency. I expected to have a long career in this field. After
completion of Master’s program, I would gain international exposure and return
to India and work for one of the leading multinational IT firms through which I
hope to be beneficial for the improvement of my country’s economy. 

other reason to choose CQ University is that it offers tailor-made courses
which meet the current industry requirements in the global market. CQU
offers excellent and specialized student support services that are suitable for
individual needs. The University also has great research facilities to explore
the world-class research life. The
course structure of CQUniversity is more in-depth, impressive and offers
practical-oriented learning compared to other universities like La
Trobe, Charles Sturt University, and the University of Western Australia.


of Information Technology is an advanced IT qualification; this
postgraduate program would provide me with in-depth technical knowledge and
practical skills to enhance my career opportunities. This course would develop
me with the sufficient theoretical knowledge and practical exposure. I retained
the longing and interest towards knowing and working with computers.

other reason to chose CQU is that it provides the kind of international
exposure with in-depth technical and practical knowledge of IT, This course
also provides me with a strong grounding, strong IT industry focus and empowers
to apply the acquired knowledge and practical skills towards professional practice
and enables me to create innovative IT solutions to solve real-world problems.
I am confident that this MIT program would acquire me with the competent
technical knowledge and skills in Information technology to become a successful
IT professional. 


I want to
become Network analyst and so I opted to study MIT program at CQU which is 2
years degree program. I have 11 core and 4 electives including 10 weeks
internship in my program. I will choose Networks & Information security as
my specialization and my key subjects are as per website 


·       This unit is aimed at providing with a general introduction to
the key features of modern project management practices within organizations.

·       This unit will gain an understanding of the factors required to
successfully manage projects by investigating how project success is realized
through the application of tools and techniques related to project
justification, planning, estimation, scheduling, and execution.





·       Information systems and design is a complex, challenging and
stimulating the organizational process that a team of business and systems
professionals uses to develop and maintain computer-based information systems.

·       It will help to learn information analysis and logical
specification of the system development process. The user-centered design and
task-centered design are fundamental to good systems design.


unit aims to teach principles, design, and development of object-oriented

·       It covers topics such as Integrated Development Environment
(IDE), variables, fields, constants, data types, operators, expressions, loops,
classes, objects, methods, arrays, file processing, graphical user interfaces
and the principles of human-computer interaction. 



·       This unit examines the practical and theoretical aspects of
Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services management in modern

·       Beginning with low-level hardware, operating systems and
networking and moving through to the implementation and management of modern
Information Systems.







·       This unit provides you with the skills and knowledge required to
study advanced units in the Networks and Information Security (NIS) Specialization.

·        The unit analyses the Internet and Transport layer functions,
with emphasis on IPv4 and IPv6 addressing as well as switching and routing
technology. The unit covers these functions in relation to Local Area Networks
(LANs) and Wide Area Networks (WANs) as well as wired and wireless networks
ensuring that you can adapt to future changes in the field.




This unit is designed to introduce
you to the professional skills required for an information and communication
technology (ICT) professional such as written, oral and interpersonal
communication skills, ethical behavior and teamwork.

This unit also examines some
aspects of workplace culture. Also will explore the ways in which ICT staff use
their professional skills when working in the information communication
technologies industry. We will be introduced to emerging technologies that
enable new forms of communication and collaboration.




In this unit will help develop a
small database by understanding the conceptual and logical design of a
relational database. An in-depth knowledge of designing queries using SQL will
be developed.

Database integrity constraints and
other specification requirements to be followed during the stage of physical
design of the databases are covered extensively. Other topics include the
fundamentals of distributed database and data warehousing as well as issues
related to security and concurrency control in multi-user database




·       This unit provides with a complete understanding of how to
protect the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of information and
network services in business organizations and study the advanced topics in
security technology including access control and authentication, firewalls,
wireless network security, intrusion detection systems and cryptographic
techniques and their applications. 




·       This advanced management unit provides networks and information
security with a thorough understanding of the concepts, processes, and controls
for the assurance of information security within a business organization.

·       Drawing on the fundamental premise that information security is
a management issue, and not a technical one alone, the unit covers areas of
information security planning, governance, policies, best practices, risk
management, compliance, personnel, law, and ethics.




·       This unit provides the skills and knowledge required to design
wired and wireless networks. The unit equips the students with the approaches
used to gather business and user requirements, and analyze them together with
the security policies of the organization.

·       It then engages in a comprehensive design of the network using
the Top-Down Network Design methodology. The unit includes campus, branch, WAN,
wireless and Internet edge designs as well as testing and documentation.




Undertaking an internship or
work-integrated learning (WIL) provides you with experiences to advance your
work readiness and opportunities to demonstrate skills in the chosen discipline
while working in a real environment.

During the internship, student’s
will reflect on developing practical skills and learning experiences in the
context of WIL, while also putting into practice soft skills including teamwork
and communication.


This program
trains with most advanced tools of network and also it is integrated with an
internship where I can get real-time experience.


I am aware of the following condition
for my visa which I need to follow during my studies under visa subclass
500 obligations.

I must maintain enrolment in a registered course and
maintain 80%attendance and 50% in academic course progress.     

  I must maintain health insurance (OSHC)
during the time I am in Australia.       I must keep the education institution
and DIBP informed of my current address in Australia.

 I have to
notify them of any changes within 7days.       I cannot work more than 40 hours per
fortnight when the course is in session.



My plan is to study the program thoroughly and gain as
much as possible specialist technical knowledge and some hands-on experience
through an internship to be prepared for the industry once I graduate. I do
understand that the industry down the line two to three years would be much
more competitive and hence my focus is to leverage the study experience and prepare
for global careers. I am always interested in Networking and security jobs and
the reasons are there is always a huge demand for Networking and security which
intern supportive for any IT and non-IT organizations, this program also adds
advantage to my existing skills in networking which I gained from
experience. I am sure that Master of
Information Technology program with Networks & information security would
for sure train me competitively for careers in related field with the industry.

will be a hot-stock for Indian employers. I
am sure with all the above, I would make it to the top MNC’s in India
like Virtusa, Mphasis, Polaris, Oracle,
Microsoft, Flipkart, Amazon, Accenture, Honeywell, and many more, because they would test the same in the interview and I am
confident, living and studying in Australia would definitely gear me up to
crack the interview back in India & I would start with nothing less than 7
to 8 Lakhs per annum which would remain a dream forever to get into the best
Multinational companies and with such fat salary package with designations like . I will be
placed with designations Network Architect, Network analyst, Network designer,
IT security analyst, Network security engineer and
so. With 2 to 3 years of experience
accumulated with the industry, I would touch for sure 10 Lakhs and above. Hence
I can say without the doubt that investment in Australia education would yield
best returns and hence it is the best for value for money invested. In India,
ICT sector is vastly growing and can expect many more investments in the coming
years which additionally will be an advantage for me, therefore, request you to kindly grant merited consideration
to my application and give me an opportunity to study MIT from Central
Queensland University, Brisbane campus. I look forward to a positive outcome on
my application


Mr. Koppolu Rohit

+91- 9704609836