Every since I can remember I have liked to watch movies, I would never watch a scary
Movie during the right time. I would watch it during the day so I would not be as scared
At night. POWER RANGERS THE MOVIE was my all time favorite. One reason why
Is that they have new swords, swords are what they use to fight off the bad guys to save
The world. Another reason is because I got a crush on the yellow ranger she is real cute
To me. In all the movies that I have in my life time I can say that the movie SOME TO
SONG ABOUT is my favorite movie. One reason why it is my favorite, I can relate to
The movie in my life. Also every time I am down with life I just pop in that video to
Cheer me up for I can go go on with my day without feeling bad.

One of the main characters in the movie is a young man named Tommy. Life before
Tommy accepted Jesus Christ in his life was no good. He brought beer to drink away his
Problems, not realizing that all his will still be there when he woke up in the morning.
One day Tommy was walking to the store not relizing that his life will change for ever.

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That’s when tommy meet Mema, Mema reminds me of my late grandmother. She is a
Old lady that is saved in Jesus Christ. She offered Tommy a home cooked meal that he
Couldn’t refuse. Being a x-convict it was hard for Tommy to hard a honest job.

Mema knowing what Tommy’s problem called one of her friends to do favor for
Her for her. She got Tommy a job two days later, as a trash man. Tommy gave his life
To Jesus Christ. When he did that his life changed for the better. He joined the church
Choir. He read his bible everyday, the lord changed Tommy. Before he didn’t
Belive that the lord can change all these things in his life. He knows that the
Lord can change anyone.Mema’s grand daughter Lili like the flower, that’s what Tommy
Said to her when they frist meet. To make a long story short they got together. In the
Beginning Tommy did not believe the lord would bring him a godly women into
His life.
Being saved with Jesus Christ does not mean that you will never have problems
In your life.When you are save the devil wants to bring you down to hell with him. So
He tries to start family problems, losing a job and love ones. He tries to throw you off
Track with god. In conclusion I can relate to the movie, before I received Jesus Christ in
My life. I smoked weed everyday of my life. I worked at a strip club as a bouncer.
Drinking beer at work and smoking weed to. I am proud to say I don’t do any of that stuff
Any more. I go to church twice a week, I’m a staff member in the youth department at
Church. Staff member GRIFF. That’s all folks.