(d) Executive bodies of trade union must include more women.

(e) Women member of political groups should be vigilant about their rights and contributions. (f) Media play a very important and productive role in enhancing women participation. It should highlight the problems of women and provide wide coverage of different activities and measures taken by them.

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This media system portrays women struggles and experiences, generate values which encourage gender equality and justice and build up positive image of women taking part in public life. (g) In a democracy, political parties have a very significant role to play. These political parties’ measures facilitate of participation of women. It should be examined if-the election commission can be empowered to enforce this. (h) A major step needed to make more of women’s participation both in formal and informal political process is the provision of support services. The primary responsibility of women for looking home and children always come in way.

This not only means the men share the familiar responsibility but a new value need to be given to this joint sharing both in public and private sphere which would lead to better quality of life. (i) Education of citizen build up knowledge and information and also help the citizen to understand the complexities of political processes. It suggested that the programme of free universal education up to the age of 14 should be vigorously implemented.

(j) A massive awareness campaign aimed at electing the support of electors around causes will to be undertaken. (k) NGO plays their role adequately and with courage, a new climate of commitment and responsibility could be generated. It works as pressure group to make fulfillment of goals. They make strong link between representatives and these organization working with the community. (l) Women Development Programme work for the welfare of women. It linked with local functionaries and Panchayat for make effective participation of women in development. (m) The work of international event, the inter-relationship of various implication of political action and various actions for development of women.

(n) Standing Advisory Committee at Central, state, district and block level and wherever possible at village level should be constituted representing of important women organization. (o) In generating a participatory political system, the role of voluntary organization is very important. They face the attention of the people on crucial issue facing women and working toward it.

(p) Massive awareness campaign aimed at support of electors around causes will have to be undertaken. (q) NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organisation) are active and play role of pressure groups. They raised awareness of the community and focus the attention of people on crucial issues and working for it. (r) All the women members of Panchayats and other executive bodies must be trained and empowered to exercise their authority. (s) Government should be effectively secure participation of women in decision making process at National, State and Local level. This implies use of specific measures for the recruitment of women. (t) The Union and State level Public Commission must have women representatives. All the government delegation to international meeting must consist of at least one or more women member.

Whenever Committee on commission is set up by the Government for any purpose, 30 per cent of representation must be women. (u) The Planning Commission must have adequate representation be women. Reservation should be made of30 percent seats at Panchayat to Zila Parishad. 30 per cent of executive head of all bodies from village Panchayat to district level. A more effective step would be to declare a certain percentage constituencies in lower tier of Panchayati Raj as women constituencies.

(v) Education of citizen not only builds up knowledge and information but also help the citizen to understand the complexities of political processes. (w) The effective efforts required the participation of women through establishing link between elected representative and development functionaries through women development programme. (x) It is bounded duty of political party to provide political education of people. They should organize study circle in which there is political understanding of the complex situation is provided but a controversial issues having implication on gender relation. (z) One of the greatest hurdles in contesting election is the exorbitant expenditure. This factor not only makes it difficult for women, who have very limited independent resources to participate, but completely remove women in the poverty sector from entering the arena. This situation leads to prominence of upper caste, urban women, upper classes in political sphere. Toe counteract this iniquitous situation, serious step must be taken to reduce election expenditure.

Further, enormous amount needed for election led to corruption and various exercises. If steps are taken to decentralize the political machinery, the unnecessary expenditure in reaching out to very large electorate could be avoided. The government has to be concerted efforts toward removing various gender-bases in order to ensure women equal status in the real sense as enshrined in the Constitution of India. As the constitution of India guarantee right and privileges to women through fundamental right and directive principles of state policy.