b. To take all steps by which preventive measures can be taken, c. To keep the injury under control as a result of which it cannot become worse. Thus it can be said that the responsibilities and role of person providing first aid begins as soon as person becomes ill or injured while as soon as medical services are made available, then his responsibilities come to an end.

If the injury or illness is more serious or prone then physician can ask first aider for more assistance, in which condition, first aider should co-operate with him in all possible ways. First-aid is the treatment which is being provided to the injured player immediately after the accident. This activity is based on some principles, some of which are as follows:- i. As soon as any player gets injured, first-aider should immediately take the necessary step. He should do it without any kind of hesitation and panic. He should not lose control out of his senses and should maintain self- control over himself.

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ii. First-aider should try to treat the patient or injured patient in such a way that he is not required to move from one place to another. iii. Injured player should be provided with the assurance by the first-aider that he will be all right with a little time.

He should take the help of injured player’s friends help in minimizing his tension. iv. Fresh air is very important for the injured student because of which other students should not be permitted to gather around him. v. If due to injury or shock, breathing has been stopped off the injured player, artificial respiration should be provided to him. vi.

If not necessary, first aider should not remove clothes of the injured player.