Sitting and waiting for results to appear in your google search? Is it taking longer than usual?Well here is some relief for you all, Google recently announced a remarkable change in how it is going to rank websites for Mobile searches: It is now going to consider page speed into consideration for google ranking from July this year. The new “Speed Update” by Google will give lower rank to slow websites under certain conditions.More precisely speed is going to be one of the factors in determining the position in the web search results on mobile phones, the change is not so radical as speed will just remain one of the factors. Don’t be surprised if you find a slow page ranking high as they might have the most appropriate content according to the search which makes them more relevant for the users.

It is already confirmed that it will only affect pages which provide the slowest experience to users and it will only influence small percentage of queries. We all know mobile searches crossed desktop searches lately as mobile searches are growing continuously with time therefore, Mobile SEO emerges to be even more crucial for your website pages.Now with this most recent update, we have an immediate remedy as well for you.

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