Since its discovery by the Chinese,tea has been everyone’s favourite drink to start their mornings with. Thisancient beverage, with its refreshing flavour and nutritious compounds brings aperfect dose of warmth and health in a cup. But despite its numerous benefits,tea has its downsides as well. Each cup of tea contains 15-17 mg of caffeine,and too much caffeine has proven to be harmful for health.Unlike regular tea (made from Camelliasinesis ), herbal teas are infusion of various herbs, flowers, & seedsin water, and are not caffeinated. These herbal teas offer minerals, vitamins,antioxidants and other nutrients, which make them a healthier source ofrefreshment.

Here is a list of beneficial herbal teas that you can give a try:1.     Peppermint tea: Because of its soothing property, pepperminttea is effective in improving digestion and curing stomach cramps and otherstomach ailments. The methanol present in it has a calming effect on mind andhelps with anxiety and stress. Also, the pleasant odour of peppermint keeps badbreath away.2.

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     Lemongrass tea: Besides its refreshing aroma, this hot brewis packed with antioxidants which help in cleansing all the toxins from our body.Lemongrass tea is often used as a remedy for relieving pain and boostingimmunity because of its analgesic, antiseptic, antibacterial properties.3.     Ginger tea:Ginger is a mainly used as an ingredient masala chai to increase its flavour.

However, tea brewed solely from ginger has its own benefits. Ginger tea is richnutrients and extremely refreshing. It is effective in soothing sore throat andcoughs, and is useful in curingnausea, menstrual cramps and stomach ache.  4.

     Lavender tea: lavender tea has plethora ofhealing properties. It relaxes the body, reduce muscle spasms, promote restful sleep, boosts mood, andsoothing pain.The essential oils found in lavender ease stomach discomfort andprevent other digestive ailments.5.     Chamomile Tea: Made from Chamomile flower,this drink is known for its delectable fruity flavour and medicinal properties.It has calming effect and is helpful in easing anxiety and depression. If youare experiencing sleep issues, then drinking chamomile tea can improve your sleepquality and cure insomnia.6.

     Cinnamon Tea: This flavourful beverage doubles as awellness tonic because of its wide range of health benefits. Some of its benefitsinclude: regulating blood sugar, lowering cholesterol levels and improving digestion.Because of high concentration of powerful antioxidants present in Cinnamon, it isideal for preventing chronic diseases It also helps in reducing the pain and cramping during menstruation.