Should humans strive to preserverepresentative samples of all biomes on the planet?  If biomes change, it can change the order of our food chain.It is important that animals can eat other animals and that that biomes do notchange so plants and animals don’t be come extinct. As humans, we need to makeevery effort to help preserve the biomes that still exist. Throughout time ourecosystem and biomes have changed due to humans harming our environment.  We are not sure what the future is going tohold, we are aware how the changing of biomes effected our past.

This knowledgeshould encourage humans to want to preserve samples of biomes. “The food we eat, the air we breathe, and the water we drinkall originate from the natural world” (Bensel& Turk, 2014).  By doing everythingwe can to protect and preserve biomes will help us from furthering damaging ourenvironment.

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 It is essential that weprotect biomes to help all ways of life survive on this planet.  Should humans should be concerned withthe extinction rate? “A fundamental concern among biologists is that contemporaryrates of extinction due to human activities” (Burkhead,2012). I fear that humans are their worst enemies. Humans are the ones causing the massextinction of many different species due to humanpopulation, habitat destruction to make way for settlements or farming, thechange in our climate, air pollution, and water pollution are all killingspecies off our planet. The human population grows so fast that species don’t have time to adapt and that causes them tobecome extinct.

“Increasing humanpopulation size and per capita resource use will continue to have direct andindirect ecological and evolutionary consequences” (Yule, Fournier & Hindmarsh, 2013).If we continue to live the way we do, there will be consequences. With a singledisappearance of a species it can impact our globalscale.  Keeping our world intact isimportant. We only have one planet to live on.

Taking care of it is our jobs ifwe plan on our ancestors surviving.