The story takes an unexpected turn when Edwin disappears under mysterious circumstances. Before Edwin goes missing, a lot of things happen which consequently ends in a mystery which is unsolved till date because of the death of Dickens. Edwin and Rose are madly in love with each other and they are not bothered about the fact that Edwin’s uncle and Neville re madly in love with Rose. Mr.

Grewgious gives Edwin the ring which Rose’s father gave to her mother and now Edwin makes Rose wear the ring. They are too much in love to notice what is going around them. One fine day Rosa, Edwin and Neville meet at a party and Edwin casually goes to a nearby shop. There he meets a mysterious woman who asks his name. When he says that his name is Edwin, the woman says that if his name would have been Ned, he would be in danger. Edwin ignores this lady’s strange talk and leaves the place nodding happily to the woman. Edwin and Neville go down to the steaming river next day and since then, Edwin goes missing. Neville is obviously suspected as the murderer but he denies all the allegations stating that he did love Rose but that did not mean that he will end up killing her fiance.

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Mr. John Jasper now enters again in the scenario. He proposes marriage to Rose and when she disagrees he blackmails her by saying that he will threaten the life of Neville, her best friend Helena’s twin brother.

Rose is now scared and goes to Mr. Grewgious for help. The next morning while in the church, Rose shakes her fists at Jasper from behind a pillar.

The rest of the story remains unknown. It is common sense that none would be affected to learn that a novel does not have an ending. But this was not the case with The Mystery of Edwin Drood”. Dickens lovers still want to know how the story ended; who was responsible for the death of Edwin; his uncle John or Neville.