The ghost now comes up with an idea. He insists that he will help the professor to forget his past by erasing his memory. At first, Professor Redlaw is hesitant about erasing his memory with the help of this ghost but later when he thinks about the pain that he has to go through each and every moment in his life, he agrees to what the ghost says.

The ghost with the help of magic; erases the professor’s memory completely. The professor is now at peace with his life because he has no hint about the pain that he went through. But now he faces another major problem. Though the ghost has made him forget his past but still the frustration that was inside him has not left him. As a result, there are times when he becomes extremely angry without knowing the reason behind it.

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He has now failed to understand why this happens to him. The story actually points out the fact that till an individual forgives and forgets his past all by himself or herself, it is impossible to achieve the peace of body and soul combined. Forgiving an individual is also important to unburden our own soul and to reach maturity by the help of which, one can connect with the universal mind or the infinite intelligence. All the people who stay with Redlaw sooner or later become extremely irritated by his universal anger without any reason. The funny characters of the story become serious as a result of Redlaw’s anger. “The Haunted Man and the Ghost’s Bargain” actually does not point out the understanding between the ghost and the professor whom he haunts.

The story actually tries to explain the readers about the fact that an individual all by himself or herself alone is responsible for his or her own happiness. If a person decides to forgive and forget, he can live a happy life.