Masefield further insists on the fact that even though it is not possible to stay young forever and ever, it is extremely essential to stay young from inside if not from outside. Masefield stresses on the importance of being passionate about life and the diversities that life has to offer as a result of which the heart or the inside of an individual never grows old. Masefield also stresses on the importance of the fact that one should always appreciate beauty in all its forms and each and every individual should consider him or herself lucky to witness so much of beauty around them.

All the individuals should thank God and nature for witnessing so much of beauty around themselves each and every day. Though Masefield time and again stresses on the importance of the fact that he is disheartened by the fact that he has to grow old but he still gives an amazing message through the poem to the readers. Growing old from outside cannot be avoided but one can always be young and passionate from inside. This is the secret to living a beautiful life. Though critics point out that Masefield unnecessarily stresses on the fact of growing old but they also appreciate him for making the readers understand the significance of passion. The poet gives the secret of living a happy life to his readers and as a matter of fact, the readers do not get sad after reading the poem. The readers understand the fact that old age is inevitable but when they understand the significance of staying passionate forever their praise Masefield endlessly. The readers will understand that they can face death happily when they are happy from inside because death like old age is also an inevitable part of life.

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One who has lived his or her whole life filled with passion and also appreciating beauty will die in peace.