When Arthur comes to London, he visits his mother and is acquainted again with his former fiance and lover Flora Finching.

Arthur’s mom is paralyzed and has to use a wheelchair, still she manages her family business with the help of her servant. She also provides employment to Little Dorrit and Arthur now thinks that Little Dorrit must be connected to the mysterious watch in one way or the other. Little Dorrit falls in love with Arthur but Arthur does not accept her love.

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Later Little Dorrit obtains a huge fortune and her father Mr. Dorrit is now free from the prison. They now being rich decide to tour the whole of Europe and also visits the Alps and Rome. However fate works in mysterious ways. Both Mr.

Dorrit and his brother die in Rome and Little Dorrit now returns to London and now stays with her sister Fanny and her husband. Mrs. Clennam is sorry for her behavior with Little Dorrit and asks forgiveness. Being a kind hearted girl Little Dorrit giver her forgiveness. Mrs.

Clennam is glad to know that Little Dorrit has secured such a large fortune. Arthur is also now a rich man and he also now feels love for Little Dorrit because of her kind nature. He becomes a gentleman and proposes marriage to Little Dorrit.

Little Dorrit is happy because she also loved Arthur from the core of her heart but he was the one who initially refused to marry her. Arthur even asks for Amy’s forgiveness. Mrs. Clennam is delighted to know that his son is marrying such a wonderful girl. Arthur and Little Dorrit get married towards the end of the novel and stay happily ever after.