A young man named Charles Darney is accused of providing some secret information to the French government. Lucy somehow saves him of the blame and Charles is now free.

He falls deeply in love with Lucy, who has another secret admirer too whose name is Sydney. Sydney thinks that he does not deserve Lucy and now Charles get married to Lucy. On his wedding day, Charles reveals a deep secret to his father-in–law; his family secret. He reveals that he is a French nobleman belonging to the family which led the doctor to serve prison for 18 long years. Initially, Dr. Manette is shocked but gradually he realizes the fact that though Charles father and uncle are not wise, he loves Lucy a lot and thus permits Charles to marry his beautiful daughter. Dr.

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Manette has now started living with his daughter Lucy and his son-in-law Charles and earns a decent livelihood by earning a living as a tutor. Charles has proven to be the best son-in-law ever and Dr. Magnet is also overwhelmed to see his daughter happy. Can Charles also ask for forgiveness from his father’s and uncle’s side. Dr. Manette says that Charles should not be sorry because nobody can help in the matters of faith.

The tale of two cities thus has a happy ending just like the other novels of Charles Dickens.