India is a developing country and it already poses other major problems such as poverty, unemployment and illiteracy; the problem of drug addiction is like a cherry on the cake of these problems. Some drug addicts can afford purchasing expensive drugs but most of them have to indulge in activities like theft even at their own houses! These individuals are not thieves but they are compelled to commit this crime because of the reason that they are compelled for the fulfillment of their own desires. An individual can turn into a drug addict for a number of reasons: 1) Peer Pressure: At times, an individual can start taking drugs only because his or her friends are indulged in such activities. But once they are stuck into the mud of drugs, it becomes hard by each passing day to get rid of the addiction. 2) Getting Rid of Stress: When an individual is high on drugs, he or she is in a state where they cannot remember anything. Some individuals think that they will get rid of the stress in their lives just by indulging into a brainless activity like this. It is only later that they realize the bitter truth; they cannot get rid of stress or anxiety with the help of drugs; drugs will only increase the level of stress. 3) Style Statement: Some teenagers consider smoking, drinking and even drug addiction as style statement.

It is only when they are caught in this cobweb that they realize how impossible it is to get out of it. Teenagers need to understand the fact that indulging into the habit of drug addiction not only destroys their mind and body but also destroys their bright future. There are several factors such as rapid urbanization and industrialization which have given rise to a new kind of attitude of permissiveness and individualism among the people today. People today stay as nuclear families and in most of the cases has both parents working, as a result of which they are less tolerant when compared to the past generations. Individuals are far away from social life and the stress of modern life is way too much for a few of them to handle. The result is involvement in activities such as smoking, drinking, drug addiction etc.

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When a child is not satisfied at home, if he or she is deprived from love, care and affection from the family the consequence will be a feeling of withdrawal on the part of that individual. In order to seek satisfaction some individuals end up becoming drug addict, thus ruining their lives forever. What is painful is the fact that if the drug addict is not allowed to take drugs, he or she suffers from depression, vomiting, and uncontrollable and painful convulsions apart from other maladies. It is an understood fact that drug addiction is destroying the roots of development of an individual and the nation as a whole and several measures need to be adopted to control this destructive habit among the addicts.

Creating awareness on a national scale is the most significant step. The Indian government has formulated a number of campaigns and success has been achieved in this regard. The individuals whose friends or family members suffer from drug addiction should openly approach the rehabilitation centers and institutions for treating the addicts. Drug addiction should be considered to be a disease instead of a crime by friends and family members of the addict.

The addict should not be tortured for his or her habit; if that individual is told about the cure of the habit he or she might willingly choose to get rid of the habit by joining the rehabilitation centers. A drug addict is compelled by his senses to continue with the addiction, but soon the individual realizes the need to get out of the habit as soon as possible. They just need a helping hand and we should give all support and encouragement to get all these addicts back to a normal life, that they long for.