We shall have to discard our feeling of narrow nationalism in the interest of internationalism. Love of one’s nation must not imply regarding the good points of other nations as bad. To learn from other nations is the right spirit of nationalism. Above we have already referred to the inter-dependence of nations on each other. This feeling of interdependence should be stressed in all the curricular and co-curricular activities of the school.

Mutual feeling of fear against one another must be removed. As one man fears another, similarly one nation fears anther and tries to develop its military strength against another or joins some group of nations for self-protection. Feeling of fear generates the foiling of war. So in the educational process we have to emphasize the point that man should trust man. Education for internationalism should be based on collective responsibility. Everyone should feel responsible for virtues and vices that exist in the world. We have to infuse the spirit in the children that all are citizens of one world.

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All men should be regarded as members of one’s own family and others difficulties should be considered as one’s own difficulties. There will be no delay in the development of international understanding if children are infused with such ideals. We have to impress on children that the limit of friendship should not be restricted to the people of one’s own nation. In fact, the whole world should be considered as open for establishing friendship. If our children imbibe these ideas, the feeling of social behavior, human welfare and social responsibility will foster in them.