Higher molecular weight and higher charge density have a positive impact on paper quality by increasing paper strength, while improved retention of solids reduces load of waste water, one of the biggest problems in paper production. Another important area of Plant Biotechnology innovations would be plant- made pharmaceuticals. More applications for biotechnology include gene therapies, antisense and RNA interference, blood component proteins, blood factors and anticoagulants, erythropoietins, interferon and interleukins, hormones growth factors, vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, therapeutic, analytic and industrial enzymes, enzyme inhibitors, modified storage proteins, nutritional supplements and food ingredients, flavourings, sweeteners, sugars, starches, fibers, polymers, bioplastics, liquid crystals, fatty acids, nutritional supplements and food ingredients, lubricants, membranes, vitamins, co-factors, mineral complexes, alkaloids, terpenes, phenolics and glucosinolates.