All we talk about is equality of all the citizens, allowing equal opportunity to one and all in matters of education and employment and the like. But this equality is impossible to achieve especially where an individual takes away the opportunity of another individual just to fulfil his own self- interest. You are obviously taking away the seat of a deserving individual when you offer huge sums of money to get an admission in your favourite Medical College.

It is the government of a country which can make or break this bribery system. But in a country like India where bribery is the major source of income of most of the government officials and public servants, we cannot expect the government itself to do away with this corrupt practice. But the citizens cannot complain that the government and government officials are involved in the corrupt practice of bribery because it is the citizens who offer bribe to these public servants. If the citizens themselves stop offering bribes, the roots of bribery will diminish in no time. It is essential for parents at home and teachers in school to teach the children the importance of honesty so that they do not offer or accept bribes in their lifetime. Slowly but steadily, the practice of offering and giving bribes can be eliminated from its very roots if people join hands and take an oath to eliminate this practice by hook or by crook.

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But the bitter truth remains; we ourselves cannot imagine our life free from this practice so how do we expect to abolish it completely.