Karunanidhi had offered a number of free offers, ‘sarees’ and many other attractive gifts in order to capture power, including colour TVs.

Karunanidhi is aligned to the ruling UPA, though not averse to the formation of a third front. It is debatable as to what will be the future of DMK when Karunanidhi departs from the scene. He has projected his son Stalin as his heir though he does not have the leadership acumen required to occupy the high seat. Jayalalitha is being forced to lie low for the time being as DMK & Congress combine call the shots and control power both at the Centre and in the State. The DMK leadership has shed all semblance of humility, honesty and courtesy; on the eve of Cabinet formation at the Centre in May 2009 the DMK leader M. Karunanidhi insisted that not only his clan and extended family of sons, daughters, daughter-in-law, nephews be accommodated in the Central Cabinet, they should also be entrusted with ministries with considerable finance and public clout. How else can one explain his insistence that A.

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Raja who had earlier the ubiquitous distinction of having acquired the most corrupt and dishonest minister, be once again entrusted with the same Ministry. If the grapevine is to be trusted, he should have amassed a fortune of few thousand crores, it is what is alleged by the press and his political opponents. Both the DMK and the AIADMK made very feeble noises when the Tamilians in Sri Lanka were harassed, tortured and shabbily treated in May 2009 by the Sinhalese Government. Lakhs of Tamilians were herded in the camps without adequate facilities for food, clothing and shelter. Western powers, on the contrary, censured the lackadaisical attitude of the Sri Lankan Government but in India nobody identified themselves with the cause of hapless suffering Tamilians. What a shame! The Sethu Samudram project was a god-send opportunity for Jayalalitha to settle scores with M.

Karunanidhi, who had earlier questioned the very authenticity of existence of Lord Ram and made some very uncharitable comments on Hindu gods whom millions of people revere.