Seoul is the city that is known all over the world, for its innumerable highlights. These attractions entice a variety of the tourist from all over the world. There is so much activities to engage in, during your vacation at Seoul.

Seoul is the capital of South Korea. As the country’s capital, Seoul serves as the nation’s cultural, political, social and economic hub. The city has over 5000 years old with historical evidence that proves why Seoul is one of the most adorable cities of the world that attract a large number of tourist. Numerous people book cheap flights to Seoul to visit various Seoul attractions such as ancient temples, palaces and some natural and traditional highlights as well.

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Gradually and step by step, the city began picking up noticeable quality in the tourism sector. Even today, the quantity of guests visiting this city isn’t sufficient when compared with other Asian tourist attraction, inch by inch, this Seoul is gaining attention in the tourism field. Cheap airline tickets are promptly accessible; consequently budget tourist can design a get-away in this city easily.The reason behind the slow progress of this city in the field of tourism is that most of the visitors tend to boycott and continue their journey to Tokyo.

This is a great loss on their part as they are losing out on some of the special tourist attractions in Seoul.Seoul is one of the largest cities in the world and is home to over nine million people. You would be astonished to know that this rocky city is blessed with locations that have been commended as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. You would come across a markets, plethora of museums, restaurants, skyscrapers and shopping plazas.There are over 70 airline to Seoul, many of them offering cheap flights which arrive at the Inchon International Airport. One of the most beautiful airports in on Earth.

Korean Airlines are the chief provider cheap flight tickets to Seoul. Qatar Airways, Lufthansa and Etihad Airways, etc.  Also offer cheap tickets to Seoul. March is typically the best month to plan your travel as you can easily get cheap airfares.  The Lotus Lantern Festival is one unique attraction which you must witness. This common event celebrates Lord Buddha’s birthday and starts with different people from different tradition lighting lotus-shaped lanterns as a promise to perform good deeds. There are many tempting places in the royal city which you must see.

One of the most appealing is the MyeongDong NANTA Theater. Not far behind is the Gyeongbok -gung, an exciting place where television dramas are filmed. The Changdeokgung Palace and Samcheong-dong Bukchon are historic sites worth visiting.

Seoul Metro and Korea Train Express (KTX) are the modes of transportation around the city.Are you a lover of history? You can head to the National Museum of Korea, which is one of the biggest museums in Asia. The museum is without a doubt an awesome place to grab more knowledge about the Korean tradition and people with more than 220,000 pieces and 20,000 being displayed at one time.You can grab cheap flights to Seoul and take your senses on an exciting vacation as you begin taking a glimpse of the exhibits of Asian art, pagodas, wooden bowls, pottery, calligraphy, bronze statues and the list does not come to an end.