Or rather, the product manager specifies what the role is: they should not propose, solu­tions and nether should they get involved in technical design. However they may review several proposed solutions and express a preference solve one when the solution make difference to how customers relate to the product. For example, a product manger would not review alternative data base schema designed but they would review and comments on different user inter face designs. One is visible to the final customer and the other invisible. The product manager or products management teem establishes and sustains the business case for the project, and plays a key role in identifying and setting priorities across the target audience. This includes ensuring that business expectation are clearly articulated and understood by the project in, and that the functional specifications respond to business priorities. Product management owns the vision statement for the project.

The vision statement in a informal document that’s communicates the expirations and assumptions on which the project is best. Product management is also responsible for high level project communication such as busi­ness projections, project costing, and contact negotiation. Product management communi­cates the high level miles tones to the target audience and other team members. Product managers work with the development team, customers, senior manager s, sales and keep watch on the wider market including competitors. Products mangier continue dialogue about what is needed as a product is built. Developers come and ask for clarification do you mean this? Or that? Whenever there is a decision that makes a difference how the product function s to the customer product managers need to be consulted. On product with anon trivial user interface development teem should include the user interface designer.

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In additional product manager talk to the development team about what is technologically possible both about the development in hand at at the moment and above for future work. Product mangier need to reconcile what the technology can do with what customers needs. It also means that products managers need to be in an ongoing dialogue with customer .both customers who have already bought the product and are using it an potential custom­ers the king of customers the company wants to have. ‘ Product manager need to visit observe and research the customers market as a whole They need to identify the problems customers have for which the software products is a solutions they need to understand how this relates to the customers task.

Problems and daily routines importantly they need to understand what will make the customer part with money. There are various ways a product manager can do this. When customer s are not known the first task is to find them. Once the customer are known their need to be a dialogue.

The product manager may bring them up and top to them directly. Better still is a face to face visit. Product managers need to be in regular contact with customers. Product manager visit with­out a salesman customer who have bought the product.

And potential customers who have not bought the product. The objective is not to make a sale, a turn around a failing one but to understand why one customer what and another one didn’t Product manager need to look at the wider market and act competitors. They need to attend trade show and read trade journals, what competitor’s web sites and talk to customers of competitors. The product manager need to technically knowledgeable they need to understand what technology can and cannot do and they need to understand their product.

Thus we conclude that although product managers have the word managers in their title they are not managers in some the senses of the word. Without a product manager directing the direction of the development the success of a commercial product is down to luck and chance. Product manager investigates, selects, develops, products for an organization performing the activity of product management.