The increasing role of voluntary agencies attributed to popularize appropriate technologies by improving tools, machines and also popularize social activities aimed at improving the quality of life e.g., nutrition, education, basic health and family planning.

These organisation have got very wide scope of function in uplifting women status. It have make sincere efforts to re-establish themselves as powerful agencies to fight the deep rooted social evils for which they need committed worker. These voluntary organisation have bring about healthy environmental for the steady progress. It promotes development consciousness among women and also helps them to take advantage of the opportunities available to them. The following are the function of the voluntary organisation- (a) Involving people in programme planning, raising resources, implementing activities and sharing fruits of development. (b) Simple charity, supplementing welfares of the state. (c) It encourages people participation and in implementing programmes launched by government. (d) It take planning and implementation of development programme beneficial for women welfare.

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This voluntary organisation plays a very important role in welfare and various development programme for women. It makes development of socio-economic environment among human being. The debate regarding women development in economic field and need for equality for rights and opportunities for economic participation centres around three arguments- (a) The development of society requires full participation by all section of population of women as it endorsed by UN. (b) The women economic subjugation leads to exploitation and denial of human rights and social justice.

It creates problems in development of women. (c) The modern trend in social changes e.g., smaller families, migration, urbanization call for participation in decision making are making changes in women role and responsibilities. According to Supra-to maintain the proper quantitative balance between various economic activities was one of the principal function of the economic system which was felt should operate to give equal freedom of choice to men and women.

The orientation of society as whole regarding the desirability that women should play an equal part in country’s development was taken as very important pre-condition for the development of women. These socio-economic and political change create need to extend the sphere of knowledge and activity of all members of society. This make redefinition of women role and call for greater participation in the decision making process with in the family and wider society, all result in major changes in role and responsibilities. The full and benefit of development can be only realized with people participation and economic role of women can not be separated from the total framework of development.