The various measures adopted to make progress by enjoyment of these rights. Reports under the covenant on social, economic and cultural rights would enumerate the measure……..

Adopted and progress made in. Article 16, they would submitted to ECOSOC for consideration in accordance with provision of the covenant and in time could submit human right commission for study and recommendation. The committee may hold hearing and promote friendly relation. Optional protocols to civil and political right. State adhering to it recognized the committee authority to hear potion from individual citizen alleging violation of their petition right under covenant. While enthusiasts of international bill of rights were suffering through its prolonged gestation, the member state of United Nation, rather than invoking that process as an excuse for avoiding initiatives certain to attract conflict. It suffering of problem of lack of adequate research prior to the decision of initiates law-making process. It faced various serious shortcomings but as well as gain in advancing the cause of human rights.

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The human rights are integral aspect of global politics and law. The prominence given to human rights in all part of world is one of the most remarkable developments to have occurred during last half century. Human rights is one of the aspect of related trend toward the democratization of state-society relation, which by it very natural presupposes upholding the range of human rights standard and it help social, economic welfare of people implementation of this norms would challenge the prerogative of some of the largest and most powerful state in world the establishment of functioning of global democracy is necessary for the effectiveness of contextualization of Human rights. These human rights are given to each and every individual without any discrimination. The proper implementation of human rights lead to self-determination which mean that every human being is entitled to determine freely in future and established a sovereign state and development of people. United Nation, various human rights regimes are the various approaches for implementation of human rights.

United Nation is international organization that seek to foster friendly relation of nations, which promote international peace and security, work for social, economic and international peace and security, work for social, economic and cultural cooperation … in promoting respect for human rights and fundamental freedom for all.” Since 1995, the United Nation has taken 3 steps toward the advancement of human right are: (a) The promotion of human rights thorough education, information training of human rights at all level of social organization. (b) The formulation and definition of international norms of behavior regarding human rights. (c) The implementation of human rights through design and creation of appropriate institution and procedure.