Robert Fripp said “Understanding is simple knowing is complicated”. This quote means you can understand what someone’s going through but you might not know how that person feels.  The only way you will know is if you have gone through the same.  That being said you must try to understand others and find similarities in yourself in order to know what they might be feeling.

 To truly understand others you must be aware if they have experienced such things as bullying, rumours, and allow yourself to be a good listener.Bullying can deeply affect someone you can hurt someone physically and mentally using your words in a rude way to make someone feel down about themselves.People have committed suicide just because of words they have been called.Some people that may get bullied to can possibly be disabled or have problems understanding things and sometimes they get called names by people that are “popular” or feel they are a higher class then them so sometimes those people feel they get to call other people names and make fun of anyone they feel they can take advantage of.Some people can bully people by pushing people around that are smaller than them for no reason at all people like that feel like because they are stronger than them they get to push someone else around just cause and punch them and hurt them to make them upset.Kids that get bullied like that can end up getting very hurt and they could end up committing suicide as well if they feel unwanted and weak and stuff like that.Everyone is different and everyone takes bullying differently.People spread rumors to make others lose friends be hated feel unwanted because the person that wants them gone had decided that since they used to be friends and now they hate each other the rumour starter tells everyone a secret that others don’t need to know at all.But in most cases of someone spreading rumours it goes back and forth some stuff true some stuff complete lies but it ends with someone always hurt and someone losing friends and starting everything all over so that they don’t feel alone and unwanted and there life goes on but with people starting rumour can have someone end up getting very hurt and it just isn’t good for anyone.Letting someone rant about what’s going on in there life and there head is one of the biggest signs that they trust.You and you gotta keep it that  way because if you’re one of the only ones it means your the only one that can help him/her out when they are alone and are having thoughts in there head that they don’t need.Just being there for some can mean so much even if it seems like nothing for you sometimes people just need someone to talk to.Some people can be having thoughts in there head that could hurt a lot of people.They think that nobody cares because of somebody saying some stuff about them and them being judged just cause of how they dress or who they hang out with or how they people can be so stupid and decide to pick on them just cause there different those people just need somebody to talk to it’s always a good thing to be good at understanding what someone is feeling and listen to them.

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