Rhetoric for me
is an instrument designed to persuade multitudes, and convince listeners or
readers who might not share your same feeling or thoughts. Furthermore,
rhetoric can help us to express ourselves well and to transmit our ideas in a
clear manner. In the other hand, it can be also a language frequently absent
with sincerity or significant content especially in the political field when
rhetoric it is used to get votes. Writers also use the rhetoric when they are
writing to an audience for a purpose within a genre.


        Depending on the audience the content
of rhetoric can be changed, that is the importance of understanding its values,
beliefs, and points of view.  The
audience is the key to a successful way to transmit the message, and increasing
the ability to accomplish the purpose of writing. Also, we need to take in
consideration that some part of the audience might want knowledge while the
other wants to be entertained.

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         The purpose is another factor related
to the audience in which the writer attempt to bring topics of interest to the
reader.  The purpose is the focus of your
writing in where you can transmit to the audience your personal experiences, or
provide knowledge that your readers need or want to know. Once the writer has
his purpose elaborated and selected his audience he needs to know which genre
is going to be more effective to make his rhetoric more attractive.


         Finally, we have the genre which is
the platform in which the writer is going to build his purpose to then transmit
it to the audience. Different categories or document designs in which the
author needs to follow the structure and style in each case depending on the
genre. If a writer wants to write a scientific report addressed to a group of
students in a university as his audience, and his purpose is to defend some
theories, then he will need to follow the method or practice established by
selecting that genre. In that case, the scientific report needs to have
different sections like a title, abstract, introduction, method, result etc.
Furthermore, when we write and we choose a genre we are compelled by the
conventions of itself.


Rhetoric is in
every aspect of our life, and we use it in every moment. In my case, I use
rhetoric in my professional life as a salesman because customer services are
one of my duties I try to express myself in a polite and clear way to my
audience which is the client. I use as a genre text messages and e-mails with
the purpose to provide information that my readers (clients) want and expect to
gain their trust.


I think we can
never escape rhetoric because life is full of it. Posters, commercials,
magazines, everywhere you look, there is some form of rhetoric. Then it depends
on us how we want to use it and in which ways. Plato, one of the philosophers
in Classical Greece described rhetoric “is the art of enchanting the
soul”, if rhetoric is winning the soul by discourse let’s take that
advantage in our favor and use it to conquer the audience by speaking correctly
and writing well.