Bishaaro Ali Abud a young daughter born in baidoa cityparticularly in a village called isha of the second brange, she was bornAug1990bishaarop has always been in baidoa city were she was grown up andnever moved to another place but she was to Wajid district of bakol regionto help her aunt who was given birth recently the aunts’ husband works forthe WFP (the world food program).

On first January the aunt got sick and went to a near by region(Hudur) where she was planning to get medical help from relief organizationoperating in that region . on second January at mid night Bishaaro has beenawakened by the aunt’s husband and ordered her to make some tea which hewanted to use for Narakotic green leaves locally known as (Kat)”feeling disturbed I lit a fire made the tea for him and went back tosleep” Bishaaro narrated, I was sleeping smoothly when I felt some one overme so that I opened my eyes and sow a naked man pulling down my sleepingbag. I tried to cry but he threatened me with a knife and covered thesleeping bag over my mouth after a short while I realized that it was arape and also recognized the man as the husband of he told me to make samemovements while he was trying to have intercourse with me or he wouldkilled me ,as I was a natural virgin he failed to insert groin in me, so heused the knife cut me open, a heavy bleeding caused me to faint and to loseconsciences aftertwo days my aunt returned with three guys namely there fore I had thechance to be taken back to Baidoa city Bishaaro concluded however somemembers from Sacro (Somali advocate child rights) went to this abuseddaughter whose father is mentally wreck and cannot afford to help hisdaughter Sacro succeeded to take the responsibility of treating thisdaughter and paid a doctor who cured her instantly the next day all membersof sacrohave taken a meeting and made the following decisions:-1- to take the daughter to a better hospital.

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2- to report the matter to the concerned organizations.3- to give help to the daughter family.She also can not back to her original settlement for the man who committedthe rape is still a menace to her life he paid professional killer toassassinate her in a bid to get rid of the stigma aroused by the rape, evenif there were not assassinations ,she is encircled by the shame.RequestAs we SACRO, we request to NOVIB a temporary assistance forthe forced girl mentioned above which lasts for six months then we hopecircumstance may change or SACRO take care of her by individualcontributions.

Monthly RequirementsRent House6X120720$Daily food6X2001200$Medical clothes Transportation6X150900$Body Guard (two watch men) 6X300 1800$Total= 4620