1. Education, technical assistance help in promotion of human right. 2.

Investigating and reporting on nation’s compliance with their obligation under human right agreement. 3. Adjudicating human right complaint from other countries. The concept of cultural relativism raises difficulties in regional and national human right systems. The historical customs, tradition violate right of girls and to make free from torture, violence and discrimination. The children rights also have best interest given paramount consideration.

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The battle for human rights begins with each of us. The more that people are exposed to its language and concept, the most difficult for national government to deny the violation of those rights. Human right Commissi6n drafted Universal Declaration of Human Right. Human right should be in the hand of all the citizens. Starting from home and school should be taught the right must be protected and equal treatment and equal opportunity of development of all the people. An equally important step is electing national and world leader whose policies promote enforcement of human rights. Supporting non-governmental and individual human activist is another.

Getting involved through UN human system, regional system dedicating furthering human right also advances cause.