Likewise, all types of social institutions and activities have a history behind them and this makes it essential for each social science to borrow information about its area of concern from History. In a similar way, economic behaviour and economic institutions always affect all aspects of human behaviour in society and every social science has to have some knowledge of Economics. Politics, which involves the study of power, governance, policy-making, decision-making and power-relations in society, affects all aspects of social relations. All social sciences therefore always want to have some knowledge of Politics. All this leads us to conclude that all social sciences (Social Disciplines) are interdependent and very closely related.

It can be categorically stated that Politics is very intimately related to all other social sciences. It studies human being as a political being and his behaviour in politics. Political behaviour is just one aspect of human behaviour in environment, particularly in his society. Political behaviour is always influenced by social behaviour, economic behaviour and morality. In fact, each social science studies particular aspects of human behaviour. Economics studies economic behaviour, History studies past human behaviour, and Sociology studies behaviour of all human beings in society, particularly his group behaviour.

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Each social science needs some knowledge of other social sciences Politics needs the knowledge of all other social sciences, particularly Sociology. In contemporary times, this reality has encouraged a universal acceptance of the inter­disciplinary approach which holds that study of one social discipline should take the help of other social disciplines. Particularly, Politics has to be viewed in a framework of reference common to other social disciplines particularly Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology’, Economics and History. The students of Politics have to essentially have some knowledge of other social disciplines. To sum up, we can say, Politics is related to all other social sciences. The inter­disciplinary focus admits this reality and advocates the study of politics with the help of knowledge of all other social sciences. Politics and all other social disciplines are mutually related and interdependent disciplines.