No study of elections and voting behaviour of the people can be properly made without understanding and taking into account the role of money power in politics. In fact, the study of the social context of state, government and politics essentially demands knowledge of economic factors and forces of society. As such, Political Sociology has to depend upon and use the knowledge of economics for studying its universe of study. Likewise, when the economists try to understand the economic backwardness and problems of any group or society as a whole, they have to depend upon some knowledge and understanding of both Sociology and Political Sociology. Further, Political Sociology is greatly interested in studying as to how the intimacy between economic and political relations develop and get nurtured in every society. The political system of each society always functions in an environment which has a large input of economic factors, forces, pressures and problems. In contemporary times, the process of policy-making and the exercise of power in each state are influenced by multiple pulls and pressures of economic factors and forces.

The presence and working of the modern welfare state, makes it essential for political sociologists to understand the role of economic factors and problems of society and polity. Economics and Political Sociology have developed specified Fields of study with autonomous and yet interlinked analytical techniques. The Economics and Political Sociology have a large amount of mutuality between them. The political sociologists cannot function properly and successfully without taking into account the economic principles, motives, institutions, process and consequences which affect people. Political Sociology studies how power is used in politics.

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This has a bearing on the work of the economists who study the economy and economic relations and behaviour of the people of the state. This makes it necessary for Economics to use the knowledge of both Politics and Political Sociology.