Pulsesare very important in balanced diet due to their nutritional values. They havecritical role with their high fabric source of protein, and essentialnutrients, plus low-fat contents.

The dry pluses contain no cholesterol. Theyare recommended to be included in diets of people suffering from the diabetics andheart diseases. Mung beans are a high source of nutrients: including magnesium,potassium, manganese, zinc, copper and various B vitamins. This is also a veryfilling food, high in resistant starch and dietary fiber. These are being usedin dried powder form, as uncooked beans as bean noodles split-peeled, and alsosprouted seeds.

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The dried seed may be eaten raw, fermented, cooked or milled.Due to their high nutrient density mung bean are also considered useful indefending against several chronic, age related diseases, including heartdisease, obesity, diabetes and cancer. In Chinese cuisine the mung beans are used tomake sugar water. Also in China, the boiled and shelled beans are used as fillingin glutinous rice dumplings eaten during the dragon boat festival.

The beansmay also be cooked until soft, blended into liquid, sweetened, and served as abeverage, popular in many parts of China. In Indonesia, they aremade into popular dessert snack. In Hong Kong, mung beans and mung paste aremade into ice cream or frozen ice pop.Mungcrop is widely cultivated in a large number of countries. In Pakistan it iscultivated twice in a year; firsttime during the month of February and second time in June and July, due to thatit is economically valuable for the formers.

There are different verities of mungbeans some of them are NM-121-25, NM-20-21, NM-51, NM-54, NM-92, AEM-96,NM-98, Chakwal Mung-97, Karak Mung-1, Ramzan-2005, NM-2006,ChakwalMung-2006, AZRI Mung-06 and Dera Mung.Allthe verities are not equally suitable to be caltivated in different areas tohave proper yeild. For this purpose selection of proper seed and growthmonitering are essential.    Afterthe selecting the appropriate veritie of mung beans for better productionfollowing steps should be taken carefully, selection of land, preparation ofland, fertilizer application, sowing method, seed treatment, weed control,insect pests and proper growth monitoring of plants. In this research we willdiscuses how a large field of mung plant can be monitored remotely by usingMSR-5 SCANCROP device.