Product’s drive today’s fast pacing world and I as a prospective graduate student wish to be a part of the ineluctable clique that strives for designing the products that can improve people’s lives, thereby giving rise to a renaissance in our day to day lives. It is this yen that strongly underscores my desire to pursue MS Product Development at Chalmers University of Technology.Even as a kid I had always been on the quest for knowledge wanting to explore and invent. The concept of mobility in mechanics controlled by human beings had fascinated me since childhood.

High school physics that answered several of my unanswered questions intrigued my interest in mechanics. It is this inclination towards science, and research that motivated me to take up engineering. I had been a student of academic excellence since by formative years and this lead to my admission in one of the most prestigious engineering institutions in the country, Madras Institute of Technology (MIT), Anna University. I chose to major in Automobile Engineering with an intense urge to develop into this field which would eventually lead me to inventing new technologies.My undergraduate program exposed me to several courses in the manifold areas of Automobile Engineering however my interest revolved around computer aided designing, solid mechanics and machine components design. These courses enhanced my strong technical base. I had always been convinced by the fact that an abstract theory can be brought to light through a practical system. With this in mind during my pre-final year I initially ventured into some rudimentary projects like electric parking brake to relate the theoretical concepts learnt in class to practical implementation and application.

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As an enthusiastic undergrad I also visited several industries like Maruti Suzuki service centre and TVS service centre to broaden my technical knowledge during my semester holidays. From these visits I learnt the functions of each part of vehicles and their design to suit the purpose I also attended in-plant training at Ashok Leyland for one week. During this in plant training I learnt how the manufacturing process of engine assembly and exterior parts such as door takes place. These industrial trainings helped me fathom the automobile concepts and made me realize that in any automobile there is much more than what meets the human eye.

During my pre-final year I and my team took part in SAE SUPRA event. The name of my team was “GS RACING”. The aim of this competition is to build a formula type racing car. I was a member of the suspension design team. During the phase, I had direct exposure to vehicle suspension design according to the criteria virtually, simulating it to validate the performance and finally converting the virtual vehicle to a physical reality. From welding techniques, to chassis and suspension building, dynamic stability, engine assembly, safety and regulatory items, etc. Though we could not make it to the finals, I gained a hands-on knowledge on the automobile building concepts. Further, I took up a project on “Regenerative braking in bicycles” where I had devised a mechanism to store and utilize the kinetic energy that is wasted in the form of heat during braking.

During this, I made the design of the flywheel to store optimum energy and transmission system to efficiently transfer back the maximum of the stored energy. The energy stored in the flywheel was used for accelerating the bicycle thereby reducing the human pedal effort by about 12.5%.After completing my degree, despite having few IT job offers, I was more interested and inclined towards core R career.

My hard work paid off and in July 2015, I was hired by Renault Nissan Technology & Business Centre India Pvt Ltd. as “Graduate Engineering Trainee”. The company organised a program called On-board training to bridge the gap between university life and corporate work life which included technical and soft skills training and a garage visit. I was also given On-job training at Renault Nissan Automotive India Pvt Ltd (Manufacturing unit).

For one month I was visually exposed to the sequence in which a car is manufactured starting from creation of BIW in Stamping section in the body shop, painting of BIW, Trim & Chassis assembly line where powertrain assembly, exterior parts and interior parts are assembled, followed by various tests and quality counter-checks done in the vehicle to meet all the requirements. I even had hands-on experience in Trim & Chassis assembly line where I assembled the front door and lateral bumper brackets. I am currently working as a Product Design Engineer in the Interior Trims department of Renault Nissan Technology and Business Centre India Private Limited. My activities involve design and development of Renault, Nissan & Datsun Bumpers and the associated child parts such as Upper radiator grille, Lower radiator grille, Fog lamp finisher etc. My work experience here which sums up to two and a half years have honed my competencies in design software’s CATIA V5 & V6 & front and rear bumper designs along with child parts such as radiator grille and pedestrian related safety parts such as energy absorber and vehicle interior parts like A-pillar trim ,B-Pillar trims , Door trims etc.

along with B-surface safety components considering part tolerance optimization to meet various impact regulations (slow speed, pedestrian lower leg) and customer safety requirements. My responsibilities also includes manufacturing feasibility of the plastic parts with respect to tooling direction in terms of injection moulding, isostatism check & feasibility, HCCP points. I also regularly visit the Renault Nissan manufacturing unit to regularly check the compliance and feasibility of the design with production criteria’s. From this work experience I learnt how products play an important role in day to day life. I enjoyed thinking outside the box and worked with my colleagues for different design projects.

There were situations where I needed to comprehensively come up with solutions considering the overall design , features ,structures,ergonomics,materials needed to be used and the fixations etc. I also regularly discussed with my clients (Technical Centre Renault, France).We used to discuss every detail of the design to assess the part feasibility and solve production & manufacturing problems and this was a valuable experience for me and my team and I understood the practical challenges that are involved in developing and producing a part. And these experiences make my urge stronger to pursue my career in Product Development. My passion for Product Design & Development together with my above accomplishments and work experience has given me a sense of direction where my future lies.

I have realized the Master’s Program in Product Development will take me to greater heights which I wish in my career. This realization to grow further is what drove me to pursue the higher education in Product Development.Considering Product Development, I feel Chalmers University of Technology will be my best choice which is one of the most prestigious engineering institutions in the world. The opportunity to select courses offered from any combination of Product innovation, Business Development & Manufacturing domain is exactly which drives me towards me towards this course. I am certain that the exceptionally academic along with the intellectually stimulating environment with eminent scholars and professionals and diverse student community will certainly mould me into a dexterous professional in the field.

It would probably be the most rewarding experience of my life and indeed a dream come true to be a part of Chalmers University Of Technology. I am aware of the tremendous endurance and dedication that a graduate program calls for and I assert that I will tread this path successfully with diligence and hard work. To sum it up I am keen to go that extra mile and take on challenges and make the most of the opportunities that the Master’s program at your institution would offer, thereby leaving my footsteps in the field of Product Development.