JD Sports

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JD sports sells many different brands and products ranging
from trainers to clothes. From the screenshot you can see that they have put
sales promotions at the top of the page. This will draw people’s attention to
the first ‘tab’ which will be the reduced products.

On the website they also show all the brands featured in the
shop and the trending products such as the most wanted shoes, by doing this it
will draw people’s attention to this and make them want to buy it if they see
that they are most popular.

At the bottom of the page it shows that you can the App and
the stores in your local area. It also shows that you can buy gift cards for
the shop to buy any products.













iTunes sells
a variety of products, such as music, DVD’s and TV programmes and you can buy
these on any Apple device at any time.  

You can also
get iTunes gift vouchers which are shown at the bottom of the iTunes page,
these vouchers can be spent on anything, such as an App, music or film.

iTunes also
allows you to get something called Apple music, with this you can pay a monthly
subscription to apple and you can get as many songs as you like without any












and differences (M1)


·       Some similarities the businesses have
is that they both try and sell gift vouchers for their products.

·       Something that is different between
the businesses is that they sell completely different products and the way the
present their products on the website are different, for example, JD Sports
try’s to promote the new brand products whereas iTunes tries to promote all their
products as they have only sell 4 different type of products.

·       The main difference between the
businesses is that, JD sports sell goods that the customer can touch, feel and
wear, whereas iTunes only sell entertainment products for people to watch and




JD Sports –
Delivery & tracking online, getting the product to the customer

JD sports do
offers where you can get unlimited delivery and it comes next day all for a
monthly subscription of £9.99, by having this offer and putting it at the top
of the website it will make more people see it and want to buy it as shipping
can cost a lot even when you are buying one item.

JD sports
also offer free click & collect which is also located at the top of the
page, by finding these promotions at the top of the website it makes people see
it and want to buy their products from the website, knowing they can either can
free shipping or click and collect. 

With JD
sports you can also track your orders, this is positive because people like to
know when their orders are arriving and how long it will take to come.









iTunes –
Delivery & tracking online, getting the product to the customer

The delivery
of iTunes products is instant with your purchase getting to you straight away.
This is because all their products are online as its music, DVD’s and TV shows
where you watch/listen online, so when you buy or download something from iTunes
you get it straight away. It only takes seconds for the item you are
downloading to be on your device.










and differences (M1)

·       Some of the differences between the
two businesses is that their shipping is very different, for example, JD sports
delivery is usually set out to be made within 5 working days. Whereas with
iTunes you get the products straight away and don’t even have to usually wait a

·       The biggest similarity would be that
they are both online websites.

·       Another difference is JD sports
deliver manually by a postal delivery service whereas iTunes deliver their
products electronically.






JD Sports –
getting the product to the customer

JD sports have an APP where you can shop where ever you are,
at any time. You can download this app on any mobile device.  







iTunes –
getting the product to the customer

iTunes also have an App which is already installed on any
Apple device. So, you do not need to download it, this is a positive thing
because then you can already easily access the app.








and differences (M1)

of the biggest differences is that iTunes shopping app is already installed on
every Apple device. With JD sports however, you have to download the app on
your device.

similarity of the two businesses would be that to access the JD sports and
iTunes App you must be connected to the internet otherwise you cannot use them.






JD Sports –
payment method

JD sports offers a range of payment methods, for example you
can pay with either, card, PayPal, Apple Pay and there is even a pay after
delivery option. By offering people a choice of payment methods, it will make
it easier as the customer has more options.









iTunes –
Payment method

With iTunes,
you pay with your apple account, so it will take money out of your account,
unless you are gifted with an iTunes gift voucher then however much you are
given on the voucher you can use and it won’t take the money out of your

When you are
buying an actual Apple product, for example, a MacBook then you must pay by card.







and differences: (M1)

One of the differences with the payment for the two
businesses would be that iTunes you have to pay with an account and the money
is taken out of your bank account as Apple already have your bank details. Whereas
with JD sports you can pay with many different options such as a credit card or

A similarity between the two businesses would be that
they both allow you to pay using gift vouchers.




JD Sports –
Social Media

JD sports
uses social media many ways, for example, they use it to interact with existing
customers or new customers who might want to share their thoughts and feelings
on some of the products they bought or new products that are getting realised.

By using
social media websites such as twitter it can be a very quick and easy network
site to use if someone wanted to contact JD sports with a problem, for example
JD sports has a social media account on twitter called ‘JDhelpteam’ by having
something like this it’s easy for people to contact if they have a problem.








iTunes –
Social Media

iTunes use
many different social media networks, for example Twitter, Instagram and
Facebook. One of the positive reasons for this is that it can reach a huge
audience of people from all age ranges to promote their products, for example
Instagram. iTunes can use Instagram to promote all the latest films or TV shows
that are new or being realised. iTunes also uses Twitter, so therefore they can
use the same promotion techniques when using this network site.








and differences

similarity between the two businesses would be that they both use social media
to promote their products, for example they use either Instagram or Twitter to
do this.

difference would be that JD sports uses social media so that people can contact
them if they have a problem, e.g. they have a Twitter help page where customers
can easily contact them if they have a problem with a product. However, iTunes
do not have Twitter or Instagram accounts used in this way which can be
negative as sometimes things can go wrong on iTunes.