On the way toward your career, you will have to write papers of different types, including essays. It can be homework or work during the class. What is more, when applying for college or university, admission may ask you to prepare an essay.  That is why it is of high necessity to know general tips and rules on writing it.  Generally, an essay consists of 3 main parts: introduction, main body, and conclusion. Not less important is understanding of the topic.

Now, let us dwell on each part and show you the correct ways of writing.

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Introduction to sports management essay

Usually, the introduction consists of one paragraph, where you express your statement and make your position clear to a reader. They mean that writing an introduction is the easiest part of the whole process, but do not be so naïve. Whether a reader will stay with you depends on an introduction. It is an introduction that grabs the reader’s attention.

To kindle reader’s interest, you have to prepare hooks for an article introduction. It can be an interesting quote or a fact from history that is relevant to your topic. Having caught the reader’s attention, you may proceed with your statement. Your statement, or in other words thesis, should explain your point of view. It is of vital importance to be clear and accurate in your expressions so that the reader has a clear insight into your position and avoids any misunderstanding.Besides, you can also give some hints when it comes to examples you are going to use to support a thesis.

It will give a reader the idea of the subject you are going to bring up and develop further. All in all, the introduction should be of 3-4 sentences. The last one should look like a connector of an introduction and the main body of the writing.For a sports management essay introduction, you may use some interesting facts concerning sports and games or management and marketing trying to show the connection between them. Also, you may take up the topic of advantages and disadvantages of being a sports management professional. Or you may even express your thoughts concerning worldwide sporting events.One more important piece of advice is that you have to prepare an essay in an active voice and avoid any passive voice constructions if it is possible. You do not have to write in your name, be general.

The Main Body

The main body usually includes two or three paragraphs, where you give detailed examples and support it with your explanation. The most suitable and strongest example should be used in the initial sentence of the introductory paragraph. It should have a direct reference to those hints mentioned in the introduction of the text.

If you mention some famous personalities, It will not be enough just to include their names. Provide a reader with clear examples from the lives of these people. Give a clear understanding and explain why this example refers to the thesis. It will make your article much more effective. Although you use worldwide known names, you have to be more specific, when you are putting their life situations as an example.

What is more, you can include some information about universities, which offer sports management programs. If a reader is interested in this field, it will be useful for them to learn new information about it. And your task, as a writer, is to cover all the important aspects and details of this sphere. In addition,  you may discuss how these programs help to realize one potential and provide an example of athletes or non-athletes who have started academic programs in sports management and become quite successful in it.One more aspect to take into consideration is the use of linking words. They help a reader to follow your thoughts and be in tune with you. Furthermore, it makes the main body more structured and convenient for reading. They function like orienting points all around the essay and let a reader understand where the example begins and ends, what is the next paragraph and when it ends.

Conclusion of the essay

The conclusion is the last part of your paper, and it should not be a turnabout. It usually consists of three or four sentences. One may consider it as a second introductory paragraph. In conclusion, you stand one more opportunity to clear up your position.

It would be a big mistake if you decided to change a mind concerning your point of view. Actually, the conclusion includes all the information mentioned in your work above. To put it simply, you just paraphrase an introduction. It is a crucial point in writing an essay, because it makes your essay perfect or destroys it.You may begin it with phrases like “in conclusion,” “to sum up,” “ to summarize” and along those lines.

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