Poverty adds to religious violence. In
spite of Nigeria’s gigantic resources, which if they were invested admirable
could enhance the lives of the general population, the nation remains tormented
by high rates of poverty, economic dissimilarity, restricted educational
opportunities, and mass joblessness? A combination of the bad economic, social
and political state of the country had given a rich domain to Boko Haram. These
incorporate the embarrassingly high-level corruption in the country and poverty
(which is more serious in huge parts of the north than in different parts of
the nation) as left many in the region hopeless (spiraling violence; 2012). Close
to 95% Nigerian population believe the Nigerian government is corrupt (Anyadike;
19). In spite of the fact that the economic problems are not limited to the
north alone, the Northern piece of Nigeria, where Muslims shape the larger
population, is most intensely affected. The accessible data uncover that very
nearly 70% of the general population in Northern parts of the nation lives on
less than one dollar daily when contrasted with half and 59% over the Southern
zones. This leads to the conclusion that the persistent high level of poverty
in the country is more a northern phenomenon that could be responsible for the
militancy in that region.

From a more extensive viewpoint, young
adults in the north have no way or method to cope with the gruesome economic
state in the country, may swing to the sect for comfort. This could thusly
render them more powerless embracing extremist religious perspectives.

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Numerous data available contend that the
possibility of the Boko Haram isn’t just about dismissing Western instruction
as such, yet it is additionally a judgment about the inability to give
opportunities to the general public. This inclination by the general population
therefore turns into favorable position for the Boko Haram development who utilizes
it as an instrument for activating and radicalizing the jobless and unskilled
young people to join its cause against the state. The Boko Haram sect is
intelligently situated as an option and conceivable solution to their problems.
The group uses religion as an instrument to slander fellow Muslims working for
or supporting the state (Umar; 32)

The development of the group could be
identified with the development of Islamist extremist sects in the area. Before,
the turn of the century there was no “Islamists terrorist organizations”
in Sub-Saharan Africa. One can argue that some terrorist activities took place
the groups weren’t considered extremist sects

The circumstance is that numerous
indigenous terrorist associations have begun and keep on operating in both
strong and weak nations. The Al Shabab is extremely operstional in Somalia and
Kenya, while Boko Haram and AQIM keep on operating in Nigeria and Mali. These regions
shape what some refer to as the “arc of instability” or unsteadiness in Africa,
The biggest al-Qaeda network in East Africa was revealed in Kenya. Mali, a stable
nation was as of late destabilized by the Al Qaeda assemble that took control
of the whole northern piece of the nation. Additionally, after the ousting of
the Libyan regime weapons and fighters used in the Libyan civil war have moved
down to the countries in the Sahel, including Nigeria (Umar; 34)






















Scholars have attributed different factors and
reasons to the rise of Boko Haram terrorist sect, most of which are in sync
with reasons attributed to the rise of Islamist extremist terrorist Organizations
in other parts of the world. 

However, there is a peculiarity about the Boko
haram sect. 


Mohammed and Haruna in the book Paradox of Boko
haram examines the sect’s objection to western culture; particularly western
education, which has served as the Raison deter’ for their actions. The
rejection of and opposition to Western culture is a phenomenon often used by
terrorist organizations around the world to gain support and win sympathy from
the largely uninformed public.  

The terrorist groups often hammer on the
perceived dangers presumably inherent in the Western culture and the dangers it
poses to Islam in convincing and recruiting members. Nevertheless, available
data on Boko haram’s first leader and founder Mohammed Yusuf clearly controvert
the so-called hatred to western philosophy and ideology, which they claim
sought to discourage the ethics of Islam, especially the claim that western
civilization was poison to Islam and that it contradicts the principles of the
Islamic Faith. However, available facts on Mohammed Yusuf revealed that he
never practiced what he preached; his children attended western styled schools.

He founded the Almajiri Schools (The Islamic
schools for children on the streets) but never enrolled his kids into any of
them; as he lived a lavish life style in stupendous wealth.

In a nutshell, Mohammed Yusuf lived a western
life style. Perhaps one may then ask; was Mohammed Yusuf really against western
civilization or did he employ his campaign as a means to enrich himself?

It is on record that Mohammed Yusuf wasn’t
born into a privileged family, never attended primary or high school but became
rich by preaching hate sermons against western civilization. One may then
assert that he merely employed his anti-west stance to empower himself in the
first instance before he developed other ideas.

Secondly,  Abdulmalik. ET.
Al in Psychoactive
Substance Use Among Children in Informal Religious Schools (Almajiris) in Northern
Nigeria and Salam,
A. O. (2011) Social Conditions and
Criminality. Vulnerable Children and Youth Studies examine the
educational disparities between the north and the south as the core cause to
the rise and spread of Boko haram. This position may be hard to justify; it is
pertinent to know that illiteracy in the northern part is the highest in the
Nation Nigeria. This is however not substantial enough to generate breeding
ground for extreme radical Islamic terrorism such as Boko Haram. As northern Nigeria
long before colonialism had established institutions for education and
government which has worked their favor and has seen them dominate the
political and economic sphere in Nigeria more than any other ethnic group.

This brings me to the thrust research that is the Origin, Rise
and Spread of Boko haram in northeast Nigeria which is Poverty. Despite Nigeria’s vast human and Natural resources, it has
to a large extent failed to improve the standard of living for the ordinary
citizens; thus poverty rate among the ordinary Nigerians has remained
unbearably high across the nation and even much worse in the north where
illiteracy rate is highest and opportunities for decent economic survival are
few and far between.

To my mind, the dictum, “A hungry man is
an angry man” is a truth for all times and most relevant here, and this is
where the blame rests squarely on bad Governance and poor management of
Nigeria’s Commonwealth. Nigerians don’t see things getting better, but rather,
Religion offers this hope be it Christianity or Islam, people often turn to
Religion for the hope of a better tomorrow, that a supreme being will in one
way or the other come to their aid. It is a known fact that abject poverty
leads to frustration and anger. Thus, with no silver-lining or any visible ray
of hope that the life of the vast majority of the people could experience any
reasonable positive change, it was obvious that the people who are
traditionally religious will soon sink into bigotry. This brings to mind the
definition of religion as the opium of the people by Karl Marx.

Therefore, it is apt to posit that at the root
of the rise of Boko haram was poverty. A highly denigrated, highly
impoverished, and obviously neglected people watched helplessly as their life
degenerated rapidly with no ray of hope in sight. The people became like the
proverbial drowning man who would hold on to anything for support. Boko haram
founders saw an opportunity in the situation, exploited it and swayed the
helpless people on their side with the promise that Allah would meet their
needs in Al Jannah, which the Government could not meet here on earth. We must
bear in mind, that to the absolutely helpless, a tiny ray of hope is better
than no hope at all.