Two approaches have been used to control pollution? Government mandates andmarket incentives. Suggest how market incentives might be used to deal with apollution problem in Las Vegas. I find this topic to be very interesting, notonly because it concerns all of us living in Las Vegas, but because we are alsopart of the problem. Pollution is not a laughing matter, and it has beenstrongly fought, without much success, in Southern Nevada in the past severalyears. One thing that makes fight pollution harder, is the exponentially growthof the population.

That increases the number of cars out on the street, whichmeans more traffic, and also higher production of garbage, and that translatesitself into pollution. A lot can be done to decrease the traffic, to clean theLas Vegas wash, or to purify the air, for an example. The problem is, programstake a lot of money and a lot of time.

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For a program to turn out with aneffective result, first you need researchers, and you also need a lot time toresearch, and that takes capital. That is the main reason why so many programsgo wrong. Trying to fight the air pollution is hard.

One of the ways that thelocal government tried to make the air pollution decrease was to build moreroads. That is supposed to work because traffic would move at higher speeds,resulting in less congestion and eventually less pollution. But in the otherhand, the constructions the highways put in the air high levels of dust, antherway of pollution. Cheaper ways of reducing pollution are available. But forthose to become effective we need the communitys and the governments help.Obviously we do need traffic improvements, but we need to provide greaterincentives to employers to get them to stagger work hours, we need to providegreater incentives to get employers to allow people to work at home wheneverpossible, and we need more trails so people don’t feel like they have to getinto their car to go anywhere. That would be a cheap and effective way to reducepollution. We could also promote more public transportation.

Making the CAT busmore attractive to the population more people would ride it. Cheaper rates or ahigher number of buses on the street would also be another way. That was adescription of how my paper is going to be. All my work will be done solo. Myplan is to make a 7 pages project in which I will describe my thesis,anti-thesis, synthesis, outlook, perspective, so on and so forth. I will suggesthow market incentives might be used to deal with a pollution problem. And I alsowant to present affordable and more convenient ways to reduce pollution inSouthern Nevada.

I will research the local library and the Internet forinformation. BibliographyI read a couple of articles on the Internet, which can be found